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The Calculated Force

City King Holdings is a dynamic team of traders representing talent, strength, and optimum capacity to analyze and measure the market. They have been providing positive support to investors and traders for enhancing their opportunities for success in the system.

When asked what City King Holdings group stands beside, they expressed, “Basically, we are a group of traders with strong ethical and trading values.”

Carlos Castillo, known as Cee of City King Holdings encapsulates the initiation of this group as, “when I first began this venture, the main motivation was, that I had seen many people get stuck in huge pump and dumps, mostly because a pumper influenced them to invest.” He also added,”I was frustrated to see new traders falling into this trap, or in other occasions newer traders would let unverified articles manipulate them into selling out of fear. However, the worse trap was from traders who claim to know the market selling programs/course to new traders. A wise man once said “If the stock market experts were so expert they would be buying stock, not selling a program or course” now that you have me gioing, i’ll give you one more. “Every day, self-proclaimed stock market “experts” tell us why the market just went up or down, as if they knew. So where were you yesteday?”

“So what did you do in that situation to come out of the stressful scenario?”

“I understood the pain of such situations as getting exploited by trading groups. This encouraged me to learn more and develop a strong understanding of the market.” He further shared the story,” I began from elementary candle reading, chart reading, technical analysis, to learning python and C++ coding to develop algorithms. Above all, I learned and understood the correct way to conduct research”

“All that knowledge and training enabled us to devise extraordinary trading strategies and to code our technical indicators. Eventually, we developed a set of tools that optimizes lucrative market research.”

The process of other people joining in for City King Holdings group was quite a stirring tale as the founder exclaimed,”I started reaching out to people I knew had a potential and also were facing the same struggles, as I did, in understanding the market curves. Initially, I didn’t ask for anything in return, just asked them to donate a small amount of the profit to someone homeless to keep up the positive energy in business.”

“What kind of difficulties did you encounter in this struggle?” a reporter enquired.

The representative from City Kings Holdings was quite evident in the perspective as he clarified, “we tried to expose scammers but faced opposition but the groups trying to exploit others are brutal. Every time we tried to voice our reservations and research, there was a huge resistance that followed.”

To another question, “How you avoid such factors as the Reddit campaign? What is your mantra?” the team at City Holdings maintained a smart outlook.

“Instead of focusing in short term hype, we stick to what keeps us strong as a groups, we focus mostly on what we know what we’ve been doing, which is our technical analysis. Usually, our indicators our algorithms, financials, primary data, and the essential elements that experienced traders should be analyzing before engaging in any trade. “

While analyzing the scenario, Cee from City King Holding added, “The success we are having, credit goes to every member of the team, the start of the year has been amazing, in the month of January we acquired ten stocks that hit over 100% some of them hit 900%, and none of these were based on scamming and tricking strategies.”

Cee, supplemented with some interesting points, “Small investors don’t have to follow a pump, people selling you a program/course or self-proclaimed experts that have only been trading 6-12 months. If you know what you’re trading, if you understand what you’re trading, you understand the risks, you’ve done your research, you analyze the data, before you make the final move, you checked your risk management plan from entry to exit and it all makes sense. You dont need to follow pumpers or self proclaimed-experts.”

“Besides enjoying the win, we make sure to share the profit amount with homeless and people in financial challenges. We use a tip jar, all members donate too. We then elect a random member every month to use that tip jar to donate food to the ones in need in that members city. We try to spread positivity and donations to help our communities. “

CEE further elaborated on the ethics code of City King Holdings,” Our main focus above everything is transparency as we don’t just post alerts, our team continually exchanges ideas. While streaming live, we alert our entry-exit, and then we clearly show every move that we’re going for because that’s very important for helping others.”

City King Holdings has proved itself over the years and is a google approved business with an excellent rating because they have earned trust from the community.

Learn more about the phenomenal strategies and achievements by City King Holding here!

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