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Catching Up with Arvin Niknia

Hi, my name is Arvin Niknia, an innovative and performance-driven author with a deep passion for entrepreneurship and bodybuilding. I always thought my dream was to be an author, sipping my coffee while writing imaginary stories. It seemed like an appropriate dream because my passion for reading, studying and writing has followed me to this day.

In all aspects of my life, I’ve always felt I needed to do more. For these reasons, I gravitated towards, blogging and entrepreneurship. And that was the time the spark I was missing ignited. During my early stage as an author, I had challenges with selling my publications but with my blogging and entrepreneurial skills, I was able to set up my blog where I market and sell to my targeted audience. Some of my published books are Onslaught, The Immortal Capture, The Broken Dream, Serenity of Life, among many others 

Outside of work, I am committed to bodybuilding, and this has earned me more fame to becoming a renowned public figure. In the early days of my bodybuilding, I began to see few little lumpy muscles but after about a month, I didn’t look like any of those guys in the magazine. It just wasn’t working for me. Moving on, I trained harder and now, I’ve become one of the famous bodybuilders that I used to read about on Instagram. This was a dream come true for me 

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