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The Rise of the Creatrix Movement

Maria Aleandra Rodriguez

Mother, Wife, former Corporate Executive, and Guardian of the Rise of the Creatrix Movement… These are all roles that the amazing Puerto Rican powerhouse genius, Maria Aleandra Rodriguez balances beautifully.  Like the term “Creatrix”, Maria Aleandra (affectionately known as “MA”) is a unique and multi-dimensional woman. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, our meeting took place virtually.  In true Creatrix glory, MA took our meeting while beginning another appointment, yet had the uncanny ability to give me her undivided attention.  Pure magic!

Creatrix Consciousness

When I asked MA what Creatrix meant to her, she immediately described an amazing new paradigm and standard of female leadership. “The Creatrix is a neutral space between the divine masculine and divine feminine energies which, sets women free to unleash their beauty, power, authenticity, and gifts into the world.  A Creatrix ‘brings light into form’, and activates the limitless potential within women that has been made dormant by the patriarchal conditioning of society.”  Within the Creatrix paradigm, there are several archetypes.  These archetypes are categorized as Trailblazer, Healer, Artist, and Activist/Changemaker.

‘Rise of the Creatrix’ Virtual Event

Beginning this Thursday, February 11th through Saturday, February 13th, a unique three-day virtual experience combining spiritual alignment and business strategy will commence and end with heart-centered bonus sessions taking place on Valentine’s Day – Sunday, February 14th!  During this free virtual event, participants will enjoy speakers from around the world through meaningful keynotes and engaging panels for Trailblazers, Healers, Activists, and Artists.  Diverse programming of interactive workshops facilitated by business coaches, reiki healers, light language translators, astrology experts, Tarot card readers, money mindset facilitators, Shamans, and so many more will be offered.

I will personally have the honor of presenting a workshop titled “Movement Is Medicine ~ Healing Through Movement”, and will also moderate the “Healers” panel of dynamic Creatrix women during the conference!  Register here:

A Creatrix In the Midst of Adversity            

MA and I had the pleasure of connecting through a dear mutual friend. During our initial conversation, we discussed some of the personal and professional challenges we both have experienced individually in recent years.  It resonated with both of us that being a Creatrix doesn’t end with job layoffs, illness, divorce, or any other challenge that the Universe may throw your way. Being a Creatrix encompasses rising through it all.

In her own words… “Being a Creatrix is embracing the divine ebbs and flow of life beyond work and career. It means taking those principles of trust and surrender into every area. My husband, Julian, was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) in June of 2020. Seeing life through this intense new reality has awakened me at an even deeper level. I am in awe of his strength and resilience, he is a warrior. Jules and I share our very personal journey with his diagnosis through our podcast “The Couple Shift.” Our mission is to hold space for others who are navigating this condition while bringing awareness to ALS and shining a bright light on love, humor, expansion and self-discovery. Our world has been cracked wide open but unconditional love is what holds it together.”

The Next Chapter 

Certain people have such a bright and radiant light that by simply being themselves, they truly give others permission to shine.  MA is one of those rare gems who epitomize the meaning of Creatrix. There is no doubt in my mind that as this beautiful soul rises, the Creatrix Movement will continue to grow and RISE all over the world! Click here to take MA’s ‘Creatrix Archetype Quiz’, and discover your Creatrix Consciousness:  

Maria Aleandra (MA) is a mindset coach, content creator, and Guardian to Creatrix Consciousness, a new world movement empowering women to shift their limiting beliefs so they can fully step into their roles as creators and leaders. After years working in a corporate setting, she took the bold leap of launching her own business and now she guides visionary female entrepreneurs and changemakers to integrate inner drive with divine wisdom through a combination of strategic and intuitive coaching. Her coaching methodology centers around 3 pillars: Mindset, Magic, and Momentum, to activate deep inner truths while taking inspired action to make things happen. Originally from Puerto Rico, she now lives in Miami with her husband Jules, 4-year-old son, and puppy. For more information or to sign up for mentorship or community, please visit

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