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Ease up……

….and become an integral s co-creator of your life. In a world that continues to be driven by a materialistic point of view and a conditioned need to conform, many people find themselves in a loop of stress and unhappiness. Given the ongoing messaging from within the self-development field that we are broken and need to be fixed, that something is wrong with us and we need an outside expert to help us – preferably forever – many people remain in that stagnant and negative loop. It is that Avenue, where we have accepted to exist and have life happen TO us. On that road we connect with the communities of complainers, people who consistently tell us that they want to make a change and that everything is happening to them, and that everybody else is to blame for their own state of life and state of being. Of course, when being connected with that perspective we often remain a part of that group – you could say, it’s a vicious circle. Indeed, this vicious cycle is not easy to get out given that as human beings we are “herd animals”, meaning that we do feel the need to belong and we have been trained to not understand that we are never alone.

Therefore I invite you to ease up on yourself and your pre-judgment of yourself and your life; ease up on complaining about others and the way that your life has not turned out the way you desire; ease up on the belief that you somehow and somewhere need to fix something within you.
Ease up and take this opportunity to embark on the journey to return to your Self.
This past year was intriguing – and continues to be so – in that it put the majority of humanity into a position where the return to self seems to have become mandatory. Fascinatingly enough, many people still did not choose that route.  Instead they will looking for the Boogeyman or Boogeywoman who made them sit at home and return to themselves; and that is part of the key to what I am talking about.
First and foremost every human being is filled with talents, ideas, creativity, and love from the moment we are born.  Please note that hate is being taught; love is natural (just check out the babies smiling at everyone!). Then all that love, all those talents, all that creativity is simply educated out of us until we no longer love ourselves or even really “know ourselves.”

So today I invite you to ease up on the curriculum that you are currently subscribing to.  I invite you to create your own curriculum and take charge of your life.

I always like to ask my clients, and my friends, if they are observers on the field of life or participants stop do you want to play or do you want to watch? If you watch and you choose to watch that is a choice. That means you are responsible for that choice and there’s nothing wrong with it. In that instance, it is absolutely correct, that life is happening over there and you are not in it. In other words you are assisting.

The question is:  did you do have a choice? Yes, you did and do.

If you want to get into life and play, be a human being having a human experience and live out loud, then you get on that field and you play.  You call the play you want to run and put your mind to it. Nothing can stop you. In that moment you are a co-creator of your life and you take full responsibility for your life.
This means, you can sit at home and complain about being forced to return to yourself or you can take this opportunity reconnect with who you really are at your core and realize the amazing talents that you have and that you can share with the world.

When you accept the responsibilities ease up on the judgement you understand that having a human experience and most importantly, which is probably the controversial part, understand: that you are actually not broken and don’t need to be fixed. You have everything you need within you and when you returned to yourself, love and understand yourself, embrace yourself and, as I call it, take The First Step to Your Freedom.

Now the question of course is how do I do that? It is actually pretty simple.
Use the time that you have with yourself. You are not alone. You always have the light of God within.
To put it differently, you are always connected to everybody in humanity through your energy (yes, everything is energy just ask scientists and quantum physicists).
In order, to take back the reigns of your life and leave your life your way, you need to:

First return to yourself. So spend about 15 to 30 minutes with yourself.
When you are with yourself, ask yourself some questions and answer them.
Ask yourself for example:

  • What do I enjoy?
  • When do I feel I’m stressed, relaxed and happy?
  • What activities make me laugh?
  • Who do I enjoy spending time with out of my circle of friends who do I spend time with just please them?

When you can answer these questions honestly, you are beginning to return to yourself and from there you can make decisions for your life and run YOUR show (or your life) YOUR way. You ease up on yourself and all around you to become the way you were as a child: open-minded, creative, positive, and thus: the true co-creator of your life because you will begin to send out a very different energy of “I am okay”, “I am living”, and “I am joyful.” 
And with that ease you may be surprised at the life and the world you create.

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