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Ali Alhamad shares his experience in recovering hacked WhatsApp accounts

Ali Alhamad: a security expert in social media platforms, has helped many companies and individuals enhance the security of their accounts and pages on social media platforms

The first method: it must be followed is to delete the WhatsApp application and then reinstall it again and add the phone number, and in most cases this method succeeds and then automatically logs out by the hacker and thus the restoration process succeeded and then two-step verification must be added to avoid future piracy operations

The second method: In the event that the first method did not succeed and it is somewhat similar to the first, but this time we will try to download the WhatsApp Business application and add the number, and if the number is activated, the hacker will be removed from the active session in which he is in.

The third method: When the hacker is a professional and has added two-step verification, the previous methods will not work, so you must contact WhatsApp support by e-mail. It is preferable to communicate from the same phone.

The email you are communicating with:

In the subject field you will literally put:

Stolen / Missing / Please disable the account

Message text:


Someone hacked my WhatsApp account

He stole all my private information and is now chatting with my contacts, impersonating me and requesting money

Please disable my account

My number is : *************

Note: In the number field, you must put the country code, for example, the Jordan code +962, before the mobile number

After several hours, you will receive a message stating that your account has been deactivated, then you will be able to activate the phone number on the WhatsApp application and the process will be completed successfully, and after that, without a doubt, two-step verification must be added.

Security expert Ali Alhamad advises to activate the two-step verification feature in order to protect our account

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