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How the youngest media tycoon Syed Falak meets Success

Syed Falak was born in Islamabad on 8th May 1997. He started his professional career by developing a media company known as Delightful Islamabadians Media. At the age of 19 he founded his first media company with high hopes and bigger dreams. His determination turns out his newly registered Delightful Islamabadians Media Company in to an international multimedia company in a very small period of time. Need of dresses and costumes as per his own demands lead him to develop another company, which he named Diya Fashion Hut. His second company is also now an international leading garments store.

His interest in his religion made him take another big decision in his life and he became chairman of “Commence of Quran”. He connected that institute with his all web media links to make it flourish in no time. Later, He also owns “Ideal Links” and provides not only hardware and software facilities to media companies but also includes media marketing facilities in company’s services.

Delightful Islamabadians was founded in 2016 is a largest media, entertainment, and communications company in the capital of Pakistan. It is Providing media services at a very vast level by making short films, documentaries, Web series, and also providing news in time. One department is specifically working on documentaries. Famous documentaries filmed by Delightful Islamabadians. It is presenting the facts about Pakistani people and events. These include videos, images and interviews with people involved in the events. A separate department is specifically working on Newscast. That department is efficiently running a broadcast of news and then they made commentary on that news. Multimedia department in Delightful Islamabadians is working on all images, graphics, sounds and texts at next level. Their media communication is unmeetable. Last but not the least another knowledgeable feature of this company is that they own their very challenging and professional Newspaper Men Team. That provides very unique and special news stories for their news and media broadcast. Delightful Islamabadians Media is run through four segments: Cable network, Cable communications, Broadcast television and filmed entertainment.

Diya Fashion Hut (DFH) is an organization with 6000 employees in industry of textile. DFH has taken lead in Pakistan fashion industry in a very short time span, apart from leading nationwide, their business is expanding internationally too. Diya Fashion hut is not only providing garments to Delightful Islamabadians Media Company but also helping international media centers by providing those costumes and dresses for great events like award shows and red carpets. Today, they have their regular clients in Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and other Middle East Asian countries, also they are dealing with UK boutiques.

Ideal Links are providing all type of IT services. They manage software patches, security features, and all necessary updates for media company’s workstations. Aside from hardware and software support, Ideal Links also offer a variety of additional technology services, such as email marketing and social media management. An information technology (IT) solution is a set of related software programs and services that are sold as a single package.

Commence of Quran is an online platform for Quran learning purpose. This company is spreading Quran teaching from Pakistan to all Muslims around world. They are providing assistance in better understanding of Quran teaching to students of any age. Their main services includes reading Quran with Tajweed, it’s Tarjuma and Tafseer.

His companies are rated among the top companies with brilliant executions nationally as well as on the international level in just 3-4 years. For his exceptional and incomparable business capabilities he achieved the Pakistan Business Council Award (PBC) for the year 2019. He also received award from Business Excellence Awards & Expo that was organized by REDAP. Recently, he was awarded as multi-talented business proprietor by Management Association of Pakistan.

He is one of the youngest capitalist and media proprietor of Pakistan today, he is a great example to follow and best inspiration for youngsters of this era. A person whose footsteps are to be followed by young generation those are struggling in their life for career development. He used to say, “Success is just a few steps ahead, just start taking the steps and there you are.”

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