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Lo and behold, the next fantasy epic that will dominate the literary world.

When I started reading The Beasts and the 4 Demigods by Jonathan Gatsby, I found myself lost in reverie in a secret world that was never supposed to be found. With his powerful storytelling abilities, Gatsby managed to brilliantly create a mysterious reality. A reality where angels and demons are summoned on Earth to clash in a classic fight between good and evil. Zeus, Oden, Thor, and Lucifer engage in an epic battle for their freedom. They team up to fight the most powerful beasts in the universe—a thrilling tale of friendship and courage.

The Beasts and the 4 Demigods is a spectacular reincarnation and fictionalization of ancient deities and religions. Brimming with mind-blowing adventurous stories, this book is intended for a younger audience. However, people of all ages will get a kick out of it as it subtly touches upon mature content. “It takes nine months to create life but less than a second to take it away.” Sentences like these give this book a deeper level of relatability. This page-turner is a hidden gem, effortlessly bringing the old world into the new. With each page, Gatsby illuminates a dark path in this magical story, where anything can unfold. This book’s narrative checks all the boxes: it is unpredictable, witty, has unforgettable characters, a powerful plot, and an incredible educational value.

Jonathan Gatsby is the quintessential fantasy writer. The next JK Rowling, in my opinion. His life is as equally remarkable as his novels. Early in his life, Jonathan endured many hardships. His troubled youth led him to the world of fiction and fantasy, which brought him peace and tranquility. Doing that, he discovered a life where having an expansive imagination served him fruitfully. Throughout his life, Jonathan wore many hats. He was a professional boxer, recording artist, preacher, church pianist, but most importantly, he is a great father.

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