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Gun Blast Vegas Has Quickly Become a Top Shooting Range Competitor

The United States has experienced a massive increase in gun sales this past year as safety has been more of an increased priority for many. Behind gun ownership involves experienced use and knowledge of safety. If you’re in the Las Vegas area then this is where Vincent Brunet comes into play.

Vincent is the owner of ​Gun Blast Vegas​located not far from the Vegas strip in Nevada. People from all over the world visiting Vegas get to work with National Rifle Association certified instructors. The competitive advantage this gun range has in Vegas has allowed them to become one of the top ranges in the area after only opening in 2018.

The range’s modern approach to firearm training disrupts the usual small indoor lane and boring classroom training. Gun Blast Vegas’s entertaining approach is an outdoor experience to training using psychological techniques.

The overall experience is what’s prioritized by Vincent Brunet and his trained team. Various packages are offered with the premium package offering complimentary transportation, a minimum amount of 80 rounds per guest, and more.

Going into the Vegas desert for target practice means more options are available for more well-rounded target practice. Smoke bombs, exploding targets, and even mannequins can be used for a custom experience.

Vincent Brunet is a credible gun range safety officer with extensive experience in the firearms field. Civilians, military personnel, and law enforcement have been a part of the 4500+ people Brunet has trained in his career.

In over four years, Vincent has continued to build on credentials in addition to what he’s already accomplished. Brunet has his NRA credentials for handgun, rifle, and shotgun handling. He’s been recognized by the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms for his efforts.

Vincent is also a member of the Nevada Firearms Coalition and Second Amendment Institute. He is an advocate for firearm safety for all while showing the difference in using more modern techniques of gun handling. His passion for firearm education and great target experience has allowed great success for Gun Blast Vegas in a short time.

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