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You Need to Know About This Podcast that is Creating Calm and Positivity

Today I interviewed the host of Bedtime Stories for Adults, a calming podcast that is revolutionizing how we think to make for a happier and more positive, relaxed and fulfilled life. The podcast, which is listened to in 68 different countries, is currently on several different platforms including, Spotify, Apple, Google, and iHeart Radio. And in just months it has amassed more than 100k listeners, is ranked in the top 2.5% of all podcasts globally and is the 143 most listened to podcasts in the mental health category on Apple. With such a growing presence I wanted to know more about what makes this podcast such a success.

Before we ever heard any of your episodes, we fell in love with your podcast description. Can you share that description with us?

I would love to share! We all wish we could return to our carefree days of being young and comforted by the emotional security blanket that was wrapped tightly around us by those we love . . . reassuring us of how important we are to them and to the world. . . and reading us a bedtime story that makes the world seem like a kinder place. We can’t turn back the clock, but we can revisit those days of warmth and love with my special bedtime stories selected just for you. You will never be alone while you listen to my voice help you to unwind.

Your voice is one of the most exciting things I have heard on any broadcast platform. It is the million-dollar sultry voice that really calms a person. Do you think this is what sets you apart from other podcasts in this field?

Thank you for the compliment. My listeners say that my voice is exactly what they are seeking in a calming podcast; and yes, that is one of the major factors that sets me apart from others. But I think there are other reasons as well. For example, I not only read directly to my listeners, but I listen to them too. Through by Spotify, listeners have the ability to leave me a voice message and through their input I have continued to adjust my future episodes to reflect their needs. At times I have heard from listeners asking for me to create an episode that offers insight into how to feel less alone or how to feel more fulfilled. Sometimes they request special stories that contain a great lesson. And still others have asked for specific calming techniques or positive reinforcement exercises. I always do what I can to let my listeners know I am there for them.

You are called the Story Teller but no other information is found about you. Why?

I believe my identity is of little importance as I play a minor part in the awakening and expansion of my listeners holistic health. The real work, and the real credit, goes to my individual listeners. And although I do let my listeners in on facts and stories about me and my life, the goal of the podcast is not to make me famous but to help others lead happier more productive lives. As a Life Coach, and as a human being, it is critically important to me to create something positive that will make this a better world in which to live.

What inspired you to start this podcast?

Today more than ever people are feeling disconnected – there is a sense of despair about the future and a loss of trust and hope. We, as individuals, feel alone. We feel like our voices are not being heard.  Each one of us has been marginalized to varying degrees – our needs not heard – our value not recognized. So, my inspiration was in wanting people to realize their own self-worth, to feel connected and to know they have the power to make a positive change in this world. They are the ripple that will turn into a tidal wave that will wash away all that is negative in this world and will make this a better place to live for not only themselves but for future generations through words and actions and continual internal self-improvement.

How do you generate new ideas?

Sometimes I secure inspiration from my daily life and the struggles I may encounter and the positive lessons I can take from those experiences. But most of the time I generate my ideas from requests from listeners. Through the ideas I put forth, I want my listeners to realize that life is a beautiful adventure; and they must keep their spirit of curiosity alive and thriving as an active player in life.  Every day opens the possibilities for new adventures new beginnings.  The world and all its splendor opens up itself for us to enjoy.  Explore each day like it is the first and the last.  Partake in it like a newborn child with fresh eyes and young spirit.

Are you a psychologist?

No, I am not a psychologist. I do have advanced degrees and certifications in Communications, Life Coaching and Teaching. As a Life Coach, I help others, through my unique skills and life experiences, to advance their lives in order to attain greater happiness and fulfillment in their intra and interpersonal relationships and any aspect of their daily lives.

How can someone change the way they have negatively programmed their mind to work?

Besides listening to my podcast or seeking other resources the first key ingredient is to take time for yourself. I know, in my own personal life, I sometimes feel like a piece of fabric that someone has torn into a million pieces and distributed to everyone in my life.  The smaller the pieces of the fabric the smaller the satisfaction given to others. And when fully distributed there is nothing left for me – not my dreams – not my desires – not myself.  If you are like me and feel torn in so many different directions, you must set aside time to pamper yourself the way you deserve to be spoiled.  We all need to take the time to play, to enjoy the outdoors and bask in the sunlight and sleep and enjoy the best of foods.  We need to nourish our bodies as well as our souls.  Always remember the fabric of your soul is what empowers you to be holistically healthy – body, mind and spirit.  Always remember to keep a part of that fabric just for you and enrich it in ways that enrich your being. From there, the goal is to work toward a better you and a better world through our words and actions. Words have power and are the result of our conscious decision to share with others to their betterment or detriment. I want to give my listeners the inspiration so today they/we begin to show compassion and forgiveness of others.  Today is the day we all learn to be true to who we are.  And today we learn to play and enjoy life for it is waiting for us to embrace. With a positive attitude and belief in yourself anything is possible. 

So, will your podcast help people to feel more perfect?

No one has a perfect life but that doesn’t mean your life can’t be perfect for you.  And it starts with being happy with who you are. Each of us is uniquely wonderful. People are quick to judge others or try to fit them into a square box when in fact each one of us is a circle.  A circle universally represents the center of all things and is whole, near perfection, and portrays a sense of self that is eternal and timeless.  We are each the circle in the universe – wonderfully unique and near perfect in our own way. but sadly, many of us lose our individuality due to the constraints put on us by others.  Or we try to act like how others think we should present ourselves.  And in the end, by doing so, we lose our fundamental being – the light that shines from within our soul and blesses all around us. We must have the courage to stay true to who we are.  Who we are destined to become.  If we allow ourselves to change based on the whims of others’ perspectives, then we have allowed them to pierce our circle and infect our sense of reality with their own.  In short, we become diseased.

How do you define success?

Success is in knowing that I am an active player in helping to make this a better place in which to live. My listeners come from all demographics including age and gender. When I hear from them that my podcast has made a positive difference in their lives then I know I am a success. I do hope they will connect with me on or find me on one of the other listening platforms.

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