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Visage Skin: It’s Time to Love Yourself

Beauty woman with rose flower beautiful curly hair and lips. Studio shot.

Have you ever sat to think about the favorite part of yourself? Our body is an incredible thing; the beautiful intricacies and the unique oddities that make you you! In today’s world we are so occupied in caring for others whether it is in regards to our significant other, our children, our peers, and even our careers that we seldom remember to care for ourselves. Self-love and self-care are a major part of caring for ourselves; spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Self-care can be expressed in a variety of ways. Self-expression is an ideal of that; the way we carry and represent ourselves displays a sneak peek to the world of how we feel inside. When we are at peace and love within, we exude a different kind of glow and that energy radiates and is contagious. Imagine the feeling after a session of yoga, a 90-minute massage, freshly manicured nails, a tranquil meditation, a restful thirty-minute nap… the mind, body, breath align. These forms of self-care exemplify self-love. Anything that heals you and returns you back to your true and natural state is a substantial part of self-love and care. Keep those things close by; it is well deserved and keeps you grounded.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, but the lips are the key to the personality. All lip sizes and shapes are beautiful, don’t get us wrong – but wanting to add a little ‘bada boom’ here and there isn’t a bad thing either. Your pout and smile are a huge part of who you are. Express yourself with a voluminous pucker or perhaps a more defined shape is your style. No matter the case, it’s in your power to choose and that’s the best part.

Indulge in Visage Laser & Skin Care’s incredible Valentine’s Day Special – with the purchase of two Voluma syringes, you’ll receive a FREE lip filler! Don’t miss out, promotion expires 2/14/21. For more information, visit or call 714-777-6625.

Get your smile perfected; that red lipstick awaits! It’s time to treat yourself.

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