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10 Fun Stay at Home Activities to Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day for Single People and Couples

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. Love can be celebrated with your significant other, for your friends, family, pets, plants, the Earth, or for yourself. This article details different ways to bring interest to your life on this upcoming holiday. Show yourself and your loved ones some extra love and attention by choosing at least one of these activities for the upcoming holiday.

Side note: If you don’t have a partner call a friend/family member/find a stranger and you can do many of these activities over a video call or the phone.

1. Take a Bath

A relaxing activity I love to do frequently is relax in the bath. I’ll sometimes add some Dr. Teal’s or a bath bomb to enhance the scent experience but most of the time I’ll settle back into the warm depths of the loving water and focus on its comfort. I feel at home in hot water. Listening to a guided meditation or deeply relaxing can help alter your mind and slip into a blissful state.

If you want to take a bath with your partner and don’t have enough room in the tub, I recommend this inflatable hot tub. I’ve popped it up in a spare room and even the living room for a relaxing dip.

2. Candles

I love the way candles can soften a room and give it a romantic glow but one year I made dinner and went a little out of control with enhancing the mood. I took many votive candles and made what you could call a pyramid of fire, instead of one candle I lit 100 and in the end it was lovely and romantic but I did make a giant wax sculpture and it turned into an activity my partner and I participated in together.

Lior Allay did a guided meditation through an online workshop, in it they had a ritualistic candle lighting then blew it out at the conclusion, I felt so connected to them and the light. Just be careful not to let your flames of passion get too out of control like I did.

3. EcoLove Playshop

Speaking of Lior Allay, they and I are going to be doing an online workshop together Friday, February 12th from 3:30–5:30 p.m. CST. This event will focus on loving yourself and connecting with nature through the form of a guided meditation and creating a ritualistic plant altar. Save your spot now:

If you miss the live event, it will be on both of our Patreon pages (Lior & Jenna) available for download and streaming a few days after the event.

4. Cooking

Cooking is always a great way to spice up your life. This can be a fun activity to invite your partner to. When you cook, together or alone, you bond with the food that nourishes your body. I feel loved and cared for when someone cooks for me. This could even be a multi-day project: picking out a meal, shopping for the ingredients, cooking, then eating together. If you are alone and want to spread more love on Valentine’s Day, consider cooking enough food to share with someone and delivering a home cooked meal to them.

5. Read a Book/Listen to an Audio Book

Reading a book together in bed is always a lovely, cozy way to spend the evening. But listening to an audio book can leave your hands free and help your mind go a little more wild. I just published an audio book, it is a great pairing for Valentine’s Day if you catch my drift. Check out 10 Sexy Stories to Tell in the Dark available in paperback, kindle, and on audible.

6. 20 Questions

Ask your partner 20 or more questions. This is a great way to stimulate a conversation and learn new things about one another, go back-and-forth or take turns being the person asking the questions. You can let your partner know ahead of time if you’d like to play this game, they may have some out of the ordinary questions to ask you too once they’ve put their mind to it. I’ve provided a list to help you start. Feel free to add your own questions and tailor them so you can gain a deeper understanding of your loved one. Again, this doesn’t have to be your significant other, I’m sure your parents or grandparents would appreciate a call or video chat on Valentine’s Day. Share the love.

7. Dress Up and Go Dancing In Your House

Dancing gives me such a lift, I feel the endorphins pumping through my veins and positivity moving through me. Since dancing clothes have been retired for nearly a year it seems like the perfect time to dress up in some fancy threads and hit the dance floor in your own home. You can dance alone (like no one is watching), take lessons online to learn a specific dance, host an online party and invite others join your dancing, or dance the night away with a partner. If you are looking for a fun, upbeat, positive song that will put a smile on your face listen to Little Sunshine.

8. Book a Remote Photo Shoot

While you are all dressed up, you can also book a remote photo shoot. Anyone, anywhere in the world (with Internet and a cell phone/tablet/laptop) can work with a professional photographer and receive great photos from home. Perhaps there is a photographer local to your area who offers remote shoots you’d like to support. You can be 3000 miles apart and have a remote photo shoot while you are dressed up. You can post a better quality photo online instead of all the selfies we’ve taken lately. Taking photos is a great way to memorialize our Valentine’s Day.

Book a remote shoot at

9. Get Your Sweat On: Exercise/Go For a Walk!

Here’s to getting your sweat on. Don’t forget to be active! Go for a walk, jump into some cardio in your house, do yoga (bonus point for acro yoga if you have a partner), and do something to get your blood pumping so you’ll be sweaty and ready for that relaxing bath. Then you can eat more chocolate and sweets because you’ve got some exercise credits in the bank.

10. Watch a Movie

You can always watch a movie as a fall back activity, maybe you aren’t feeling active and you are ready to let a third party entertain you. There’s rom-coms, comedies, horror movies, documentaries, romance, and much more. With streaming services at our fingertips we now have more access than ever before to put our brains on a specific movie or show track and let our body relax. Take the pressure off Valentine’s Day and enjoy it.

Reimagine Valentine’s day as a self-care holiday and time to add more of your favorite activities into a special day for yourself and/or your loved ones. Feel free to spread these actives out over the coming weeks or pack as many as you can into a holiday sprint. Whatever you choose, enjoy!

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