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WHEAT: How One Small Boutique Has Found A Way to Thrive, Even Amidst the Pandemic

WHEAT: How One Small Boutique Has Found A Way to Thrive, Even Amidst the Pandemic

It may be a new year, but it is important to remember the challenges we faced in 2020 – and for small businesses, those challenges are persisting even now. The COVID-19 pandemic forced all of us home, and thus forced small business owners to find new ways to reach their customer bases. While many businesses sank, one small boutique managed to stay afloat – and even thrive – all thanks to their loyal customers and dedicated owners. Wheat Boutique continues to accomplish the unthinkable.

Wheat Boutique, now four years strong, was started by young power couple Molly Shaheen and Huw Collins after the two realized their passion for the fashion industry. Though you may originally know Huw from his role in the hit show “Pretty Little Liars,” he and his wife are now dominating the small business world with their luxurious and ethical boutiques.

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Known for their gorgeous and attainable women’s, men’s, and kids clothing, Wheat Boutique draws inspiration from the House of Chanel. Each of their pieces can be worn on an everyday basis, but also exudes class and sophistication as well. Wheat’s pieces are all thoughtfully and carefully curated to be the perfect blend of style and comfort. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for your family, Wheat has crafted a unique and personable shopping experience that is hard to find when shopping anywhere else.

With four locations from Beverly Hills to York Beach, Wheat has already dominated on both sides of the United States. Wheat is opening their sixth location in Nantucket in 2021, and Huw and Molly are sure to bring their same energy and dedication to this new city.

Though Wheat is known for their clothing, the brand offers a variety of lifestyle items to accompany each of your day to day needs. From sunglasses to scrunchies to socks and more, Wheat has every trendy piece you need to complete the perfect outfit. The boutique even has home decor that will help elevate not only your physical appearance, but your home’s appearance as well.

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Wheat’s journey is really just beginning. As we enter the new year, Molly and Huw continue to brainstorm the next big thing for their brand. They have already accomplished so much – even during a global pandemic. From opening a boutique in the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles to creating their own clothing line, Wheat 1.17, the COVID-19 pandemic has only brought success for this couple. With the help of the couple’s hard work and adaptability, the brand is on its way to making a name for itself in the fashion industry.

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