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Bad Mother Nature Live Up To Their Name With “Rest of Me” Music Video

The “Rest of Me” music video may be one of the most creative and underrated gems of 2020 full stop. Shot on a very bright, sunny day and done with clever video editing, this beautifully framed video captures an interesting saga of a man searching for himself but he doesn’t even know it yet. And it was shot in a breathtaking location for the video: a rugged, rocky desert terrain that still managed to have some vegetation. The shot of the mysterious man in a suit and tie with a top hat and suitcase in hand standing in front of the sunset was so breathtaking. And what really made the video pop are all the mountains in the background, adding to the remote, desolate vibe that the deserted location has going for it.

The video is full of mysterious, almost haunting visuals and a catchy rock tune. It has classic hard rock guitar riffs to go along with the enchanting lyrics that set the scene for us to go soul searching through the desert with the band. One of the lead singers is in a robe, house shoes, and has bandages wrapped around his head. He’s singing with a melodic voice that perfectly captures just how lost he truly is. He’s wandering aimlessly through the desert as the sun is beaming down on him. There’s the man in the suit facing away from him the entire time who appears to be mimicking his movements and a guitarist dressed like Moses standing high up on the side of a rock formation.

The mysterious man in the suit disappears the moment he turns his back, so he goes looking for him. He also meets a strange man with no face, just long hair who asks for all of his possessions. Notably this ends up only being a medallion that he has on around his neck. It ends up being that he is actually the man in the suit that he was looking for, so he was looking for himself the entire time. Talk about an engaging and cryptic music video.

The band is originally from the Sacramento, California area. They got their start back in the summer of 2016. The members of the band include Guitarist Axel Ahrens, bassist Corey Allred, drummer Jon McCann, and pianist Ryan Allred. Together they form Bad Mother Nature, a band that has played in random dive bars but also in some of the most legendary venues the west coast has to offer, including the Ace of Spades in Sacramento, the Viper Room in Hollywood, and House of Blues Anaheim. They’ve also played at local festivals in and around Sacramento. Bad Mother Nature has an album called Heavysong that will be releasing soon. Be on the lookout as this is one upcoming band that you do not want to miss out on. The song “Rest of Me” is available on all major platforms.

Watch “Rest of Me’ Music Video Here:

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