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Pussie Control 2: Night at the Drive-in

Short comedy lovers will definitely be thrilled by “Pussie Control 2: Night at the Drive-in”. Better yet, they will find it very hilarious. The short film is well set and is among the best so far. It was released on 23rd December 2020 by Professional Hood Entertainment (PHE). It is written and directed by Bryan Bostic. Bostic has done a wonderful job with the twists he incorporated to make the whole film unpredictable. It is the kind of films which turn out to be totally different than you had predicted in the end. For this reason, it is a great film. Taylor Byron Barr takes Ryan’s role, Rajane Devlugt takes Tiana’s and Myron L. Mayberry takes Davion Pussie’s role.
The film begins with Ryan trying out his luck with Tiana for a second time. At this point, one might think that Davion Pussie is a person. However, there is a twist and it turns out that Davion is a cat which makes it hilarious on the realization of it. Taylor Byron Barr plays Ryan’s role very well. His facial expressions coordinate well with the scenes and you can read the intended message by looking at his face. On the other hand, Davion Pussie, the cat is determined to do all it takes to ruin Ryan’s plans. Pussie constantly intimidates Ryan to submission and he leaves, fearing for his life.

At first, Tiana is unaware of what is going on. However, at the end of the film, she agrees with Pussie and decides that she should stay single and focus on herself. All the three characters; Ryan, Pussie and Tiana are well brought out in the film. This is after Ryan confessing that he doesn’t believe Tiana is worth dying for. The clumsiness of Pussie makes the film interesting. Also, how Pussie intimidates Ryan but Tiana is unaware makes the film more intriguing.
Besides, the choice of the choice of the vehicle setting is perfect for the film. Tiana sits at the driver’s chair with Ryan beside her in the front passenger sit. Davion sneaks behind them in the back seat. This way, Davion can easily intimidate Ryan while making sure that Tiana is not watching. Ultimately, the short film is pure fun from the beginning to the end.

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