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Ace Family’s Austin McBroom VS Aye Squads Cody Cuevas

Family channels are becoming the biggest growing niche on YouTube. Ace family’s rapid growth to stardom gave a lot of families the inspiration and motivation to start their own channel. Los Angeles own Austin McBroom started his family channel Ace Family with his wife Catherine Paiz almost 5 years ago. The timing was perfect, and they both had a little bit of a following established already to work with. They were able to use the audience they already had from Austin being a D1 basketball player and Catherine being a model, and used that to their advantage. They came out with some awesome pranks and challenges and those gained a lot of attraction, helping them reach where they are today.

Not only is the Ace Family an OG family channel, but they’re one the biggest reasons people give family vlogging a shot, which is exactly what Cody Cuevas did. Cody is a father of two from northeast Ohio, who is engaged to Kathryn Masterson. Within the first year of their relationship Kathryn found out she was pregnant. Cody was in the mist of starting a channel for himself so he decided to focus the channel around the family, so he could have footage of his daughter Camilla growing up. Not long after the couple finds out they’re pregnant again! Kathryn surprised Cody with an adorable gender reveal on their YouTube channel. He pulled a shirt, shoes, and toy cars out of a bag obviously showing they were having a boy, whose name is Cohen. They were blessed with the best of both worlds.

They continued vlogging, slowly gaining traction from similar pranks and trending challenges. A lot of their channel views come from Cody’s music. He has created music since a kid, starting with poems and then deciding to write his own music at the age of 10. He claims it was pretty bad at first but when you practice for so long, like anything, you get better at it. His music is available to listen to on the Aye Squad channel or you can just search his name and you’ll get quite a few videos of songs and freestyles.

The Ace Family has created a pathway for Aye Squad and other family channels. Nothing on YouTube is easy, especially creating content, and Austin McBroom and Cody Cuevas are setting the bar high. It definitely helps when you have an entertaining and goofy personality like these two. It’s easier to grab attention of the audience with quick cut edits and funny jokes or pranks so when you plan on starting your own channel make sure you check out their channels to gain some knowledge and tips.

I’ll leave a link for the Aye Squad family channel below or you can simply type it in on YouTube!

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