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Lashaun Turner- Black Media Entrepreneur Behind California Radio Station-Cali.FM

In observance of Black History month, we are looking at and celebrating the drive, accomplishments, and contributions of one of Southern California’s trailblazers, Lashaun Turner. Ms.Turner is founder and owner of the California Radio News and Media Outlet – Cali.FM.

Turner, a Media Entrepreneur, has built a presence in the region over the past 10 years including 5 years as a Radio Host on the NBC/CNBC affiliate KCAA radio station in Loma Linda, 2 years as creator and host of The Blaze Indie L.A television show on channel 36 in Los Angeles, and years representing clients for Publicity through her company Urban Starz Media & P.R.

Lashaun has always taken on big ideas and made them her own. Despite never having been trained in radio, media, or journalism, she was the first African American female to open a fully licensed community digital radio station in Moreno Valley, 8 years ago. She also published a print magazine-Indie Celebrity, and launched multiple websites dedicated to black media.

Over the years Lashaun amassed thousands of interviews with celebrities, entrepreneurs and up and coming artists. She estimates that she has featured close to 20,000 people from Red Carpet interviews, Magazine interviews, plus Radio and Television. She has written for notable outlets such as Yahoo, Yo Raps, and many others along the way. What started out as a hobby, bloomed into a full-fledged business.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, she decided to break away from other brands and build upon the framework she had laid over the past decade. So, in June 2020, Lashaun developed and launched Cali.FM, a completely independent regional news publishing platform and streaming radio station.

What is unique about this platform is the variety of content and how it is delivered to its audiences. The California radio station differentiates itself from other local independent black owned media businesses by focusing on regional news publishing and more.

“As a black female Media Entrepreneur -Owner, Program Director and Editor of an entirely independent regional news platform, I take pride in this accomplishment and will continue growing an engaging immersive outlet for sharing the voices, narratives, and cultures of urban communities nationwide, while maintaining a trusted news resource for regional news and events”, Turner said in a recent interview.

Having embraced her role as mentor to some and influencer to others in urban media, Turner said she will begin collaborating and exploring partnerships with other black owned companies needing exposure or interested in disseminating information and services in the community. Cali.FM is offering special advertising rates throughout Black History month.

If you would like to learn more about Lashaun Turner or Cali.FM visit the website or contact Info@Cali.FM

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