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Interview With Business Leader Norvin Lopez

Leadership has taken a new form within the last year. As a society, we needed strong men and women to rise up and give others hope that better days are ahead of us. There is a critical need for leaders who are self-sacrificing and willing to step up when times get tough.

Today, we interview Norvin Lopez, who has been an inspiration to many and proof that great leaders help people push through. Through times or distress and while others have seen a need to downsize their businesses, Norvin has been hiring. He has been giving people opportunities to make higher incomes.

We sat down with him and asks some core questions about him and his beliefs:

1. What is your Why? Why help others?

My family is my primary reason, they keep me going when I want to stop. They fuel me to want to win for them. To create a legacy for my last name not my first name. I never want to see them struggle for anything; However, I realize that in order to get what I want in life, I need to help others succeed as well.

I help others because that’s what fulfills me. I love seeing the potential in someone and seeing them develop and manifest to the leader and person I envision them to be. I love changing their lives. When they go from making minimum wage to over six figures, it;s a great feeling. They are progressing in life and I was able to help them with this milestone.

2. What makes your leadership different from that of others?

I put my team first before anything else. It’s always about the goal and not the role. If someone is failing and not able to strive in our business, I stop what I am doing and personally see what they are doing wrong.

My organization is only as good as the weakest link. When we all know that every person is winning, it pushes us to do even better. A leader does not only look after himself, he cares for the whole team.

3. Why do some people thrive in your business more than others?

Because their focus, drive and determination is different from others. It’s how they react to adversity. You can have reasons or you can have excuses. Not both.

Excuses will never pay the bills.

5. What Book/Mentor Changed Your Life?

Think and Grow Rich really changed my life. It is one of those books that should be a pillar in everyone’s journey when they first start. You are only going to get as successful as your mindset will allow you to be. Fix your mind first and your bank statement will grow.

As for mentors, I can’t think of anyone better than Ed Mylett. He built and scaled a business with pure grit and vision. This is a person who I highly admire and who others should know about as well.

6. What Is The Fastest Way To Financial Freedom?

Being a Business Owner. There is no other asset that will give you more financial freedom than owning a business. It might be a learning curve at first, but in the long run, you control your time, income and happiness.

The dream to be your own boss is within reach, you just need to make the leap.

To learn more about Norvin, follow him on this platform.

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