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How Two Brothers Overcame Tragedy and Hardship to Grow a Successful 6-Figure Business

Most people have difficulty overcoming painful adversity they faced, especially as children. However, Brandon and Joel Seniff are two brothers who have not only overcome it but used it as fuel for the unbridled success they enjoy today. Within a single year, Brandon and Joel took their company, Standout Steel Designs, from zero to six figures.

These two brothers were both in foster care at a very young age. This in itself normally puts those who have been in the system at a disadvantage. Studies have found that without four years of leaving the foster care system, half have no earnings, while those who do have some are making around $7,500. Not only that, but homelessness also becomes a looming possibility for many. Against these odds, Brandon and Joel’s success story is quite remarkable.

If being in foster care wasn’t making it difficult enough to succeed, Brandon’s fiancé passed away in a car accident four years ago. However, instead of allowing this to consume him, he discovered a profound passion for life, which included giving back to others. His fiancé was someone who originally brought those traits out of him. Now, he honors her by fully embodying them. Her passion for family, charity, and hard work is a major reason why Brandon is the person he is today.

These two brothers made a commitment to achieve success against all odds. This led to Joel developing a unique idea for designing steep designs, while Brandon used his business knowledge from working for a Fortune 500 company to drive the business forward. Brandon’s design skills and marketing eye, together with Joel’s technical and operation prowess, enabled the duo to launch a company called Standout Designs that was almost immediately successful.

This direct-to-consumer steel décor company specializes in creating unique designs that blow the competition out of the water. The main goal Brandon and Joel have is to stand out within their niche, and they do exactly that.

Not only is their product exclusive and unique, but their customer service is unparalleled. Their deep commitment to developing solid partnerships has enabled them to provide an elevated customer experience that is unlike any other in the steel décor market.

Overcoming hardship, tragedy, and difficult family dynamics are all components of the success story these two brothers share. After developing a cohesive business strategy, they were able to build up Standout Steel Designs to become a six-figure ecommerce business.

What’s more is that they donate a part of the company’s proceeds to select charities they have partnered with. This, combined with bespoke customer service and extraordinary steel décor products, has helped cement Standout Steel Designs as a rising star within the niche steel decor market. These two young entrepreneurial brothers have only been running their thriving business for a year, so we are sure to see even greater success from them in the coming years.

To learn more about Standout Steel Designs, head over to the official website.

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