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Staying Fit & Healthy During The Pandemic In Los Angeles Is Pretty Simple

While the pandemic has had tremendous downfalls with businesses of all types being hit hard or closing down, but while gyms may not be running fully, there is really no excuse to not stay healthy and fit when you live in Los Angeles!

Celebrity fitness trainer Darrell Patterson has seen his Instagram and online platform HeatXtreme grow into one of the most on-demand companies during COVID-19. Before the pandemic, people would need to go to gyms and sign up for personal trainers there, but now, Darrell and his team are accessible whether they are at home or in a park. With easy to use training videos and health supplements on-demand alongside weekly challenges, there really is no excuse to not be in shape.

With people like Jermaine Dupri, Jim Jones, 21 Savage, Eva, Lil Scrappy, Devonta Freeman and Porsha Williams all using Darrell’s tips, we sat down here at the Los Angeles Tribune with him to learn more about his program and how anyone in LA can keep active no matter what!

1. As someone who helps train a lot of famous faces, do you ever get star struck?

I have to admit; there is one time I was starstruck. Back in 2004, I had the biggest crush on Eva Marcille, when she won America’s Next Top Model. I had the opportunity to train her years later when she appeared on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. It was fun to meet her; and, she was very down to earth. It’s funny how we get star struck and forget that celebrities are people too just like you and me. 

2. In a city like Los Angeles with lots to do outdoors, do you recommend people stay in a gym or venture out and find ways to use the environment to help their routine?

I definitely recommend getting out in nature and exploring various types of physical activity. You never really know what you may like until you give it a try. Let’s face it; we have to make working out into something we love to do in order to follow through on it. Venturing out keeps it fun. And, by switching up your routine, you’re less likely to get bored with working out. So get out. Have some fun in the sun. 

3. With COVID-19, a lot of places in LA shutdown, including gyms. How do you think this has impacted the fitness industry overall and what do you think we’ll see in the months and years to come because of this?

The fitness world is definitely transitioning and making a huge shift. Virtual/online fitness training has become so popular. It is the new wave in working out. I must say that I am grateful and so happy that I was on that road and ahead of the curve by several years, in already having developed an online fitness platform with HeatXtreme. It wasn’t easy to build it over the years. I’ve had my ups and downs. But, having HeatXtreme in place has made this a smooth transition during COVID-19. 

4. HeatXtreme is changing the game! What about your company and workouts do you feel has led to the success you have received?

HeatXtreme is a fitness lifestyle and supplement brand. Our core mission is to bring health, wellness, and fitness into the homes of people all over the world. We want to provide effective programs that any person, anywhere at any time can utilize to help them stay engaged on their fitness journey. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic that we have all been facing this year, I’ve had to dig deep to find ways to improve the virtual training programs provided through my HeatXtreme platform. It has been important to me to map out an easy to follow blueprint of multiple affordable options which include gym and home workouts and meal planning. This year has definitely forced me to think outside of the box more than ever. Being creative and innovative has been at an all time high for me as I look for new ways to inspire people and help motivate them to want to continue to workout while having fun doing so. All of these components have led to a well-rounded and easily accessible fitness program. That’s what keeps people interested and long time HeatXtremers. 

What advice would you give to others in your industry struggling right now?

For anyone in this industry who is having a hard time right now, you have to think outside of the box and find new and creative ways to execute your ideas. Be all in, heart, mind and soul. It has to be your purpose and something you love to do. Always remain true to self. Authenticity to yourself and your craft is the secret ingredient. Lastly, don’t be afraid to fail. Maneuvering through and learning from our failures, is the key to building. Failure provides an opportunity to rework anything into something better that will succeed. It provides an open door to determination that forces you to keep pushing forward. With that mindset, your failures become your success. 

5. Tell us about the HEAT Challenge?! Everyone likes free money!

The HEAT Challenge is a 30 day online transformation program. The challenge offers home/gym/dumbbell/body weight workouts, meal plan, various meal plan structures (e.g. IF, keto, carb cycling), accountability calls, support group, nutrition coaching and information, recipes, tips on how to cook your food. It offers everything you need to be successful on your fitness journey. You name it; we provide it! At the end of each 30 day round, 5 people are awarded $2,500 each; with a grand finale prize to be distributed of $10k each to 5 winners at the end of 2021. So far we’ve given away $150,000 total in prize money. And we’re adding more to the total this year. 

6. What’s next for HeatXtreme as you navigate as a company and trainers through this pandemic?

The HEAT Challenge will of course be going even stronger this year. We have a new smartphone app that will be released. All of your fitness needs will be in the palm of your hand available with the tap of your finger. We also have a new subscription based program called Heat On Demand, which provides a variety of workouts to be accessed at the consumer’s convenience. We just added a new apple cider vinegar gummie to our lineup of supplements. HeatXtreme will also release more supplements, different flavor varieties to the existing pre-workout and collagen we currently offer. 

7. What other trainers at your company do you enjoy collaborating with? 

Honestly, all of them. I’ve been blessed to work with some extremely talented individuals. They all have a specific lane and bring different skill sets to the table. So, it makes collaborating so much fun, vast and unique. 

8. What tools or advice can you give to those who want to get into shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle?

First off, do what is fun! Make it fun for you; so, the next things I mention don’t feel like a chore. Let’s face it. No one likes chores. The major keys are commitment, consistency, and discipline. Those three attributes should always kick in whenever motivation and desire are lacking. Here is where your mindset comes in. It will be the driving force that pushes you over the hump so to speak. If you make a choice, which starts in the mind, to remain committed and disciplined to being consistent, you will keep that agreement with yourself. This, in turn, leads to an overall better you. 

9. Give us some insight: What were some of the favorite workouts of people you have trained like Jim Jones, 21 Savage, Eva, Devonta Freeman and Porsha Williams?

The partner workouts I did with Porsha Williams earlier on in my career definitely stand out and were extremely fun. Those partner workouts allowed me to showcase my unique style of fitness training and the creativity I could bring into making workouts fun. Working with Devonta Freeman, is another that stands out. With Devonta, I was able to showcase another aspect of my craft by doing athletic training. It pushed me harder as a fitness training professional, by affording me the opportunity to work with someone at the highest athletic level.

10. Any other thoughts or comments you want to include and leave us off with that relate back to your life, career and time that relate back to Los Angeles?

Here’s a total life hack: Live in the moment. Find a way to stay in shape. If you stay ready, you never have to get ready. In order to incorporate that way of thought into your life, I’ve learned what is key in order to achieving that. Mental health is absolutely the cornerstone of the fitness journey. It all starts with your mindset. Your mindset is what will program you into making a habit out of something that you actually benefit from. Your mindset helps you remain disciplined far beyond where motivation might waiver. Also, exercise is the greatest stress and anxiety reliever. It is extremely therapeutic in managing your mental health. I always say, “When you look better and take care of yourself, it propels you to feel better overall.” 

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