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Rising Hip-Hop Artist Releases “River Flow Pt. 2” Music Video

Taking music seriously and making it a career since the age of 15, Chicago hip-hop artist Most Certainly has seen more success than ever thanks to his latest rap series River Flow. Now, he’s just released the next installment, “River Flow Pt. 2”.

The verse and visuals of “River Flow Pt. 2” brings a unique elegance and definition to Most Certainly’s sound and style. Enough to grab any hip-hop fan’s attention, Most Certainly’s melodic, lyrical flow showcases the young artist’s raw talent, and it’s complemented perfectly by an old-school style instrumental. With a plethora of projects in the works from Most Certainly, fans can be excited for more to come soon as Most Certainly plans to make 2021 his year to shine.

Watch “River Flow Pt. 2” here and follow Most Certainly on Instagram here.

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