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Creator of Family Guy Instagram Filter, Dhaval Panchal Goes Viral!

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Ever wondered which Family Guy characters you are? Every diehard fan of Family Guy wants to know if it was one Family Guy to be their “Look alike Character or they love” who it could be. 

You can actually know this with an Instagram filter – Family Guy, that tells you which Family Guy characters you are.

Created by an Instagram star Dhaval Panchal, the Family Guy filter has already got a big hit among the fans. Dhaval Panchal is not only an Instagram star, Tiktok Star & influencer but also a fashion model, Actor, and a Brand Ambassador of popular clothing brands- Express x NBA and Fanatics and BBB (Big Baller Brand). He is the current title holder of Mr. India Global. 

Dhaval first created the “What is Your Favorite Classic Bollywood Movie?” filter that caught fire, so he decided to try something interesting. That is how he created the Family Guy filter that got the impression of over 200k in just 24 hours. Family Guy is an American animated sitcom created by one and only himself, Seth MacFarlane.

Dhaval has an Instagram AR Filter Creator that has trends and impressions of over 1.1 million. The Bollywood Movie filter alone has around 855.4k impression, 11k shares, and 237k have added this to their Instagram app. 

Dhaval himself tried the filter and shared a video on his Instagram that won the internet. He got the name of Peter Griffin as his Character (everyone knows who he is)- very interesting. 

Fans are going crazy for the filter, making it go viral on Tiktok, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media handles. Looks like the fever of the Family Guy filter is increasing day by day. 

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How Does the Family Guy Filter Work?

The filter works by adding a rectangular crown sign to your forehead. When you start recording, it cycles through a number of different Family Guy Character’ names and lands on a name that looks like you or Character that you love maybe. 

Here is how you can use the filter or add it to the Instagram app to find your Family Guy Character. 

  1. First of all, go to the creator’s Instagram profile @dhavalpanchal
  2. Next, look at the icons above his posts on the screen. You want to click the smiley face ☺ in the center. Here you can see all the filters he has created on Instagram. 
  3. Now tap the filter that reads “Family Guy” and you’ll see a preview of the filter on the creator’s face. 
  4. Now as you see the filter, you can tap the “try it” button on the left corner to record a video with the filter. You can add the filter to the Instagram app by tapping the “downside arrow” button on the right side. After you click the button, it will show a “tick mark”- now the filter is saved on your Instagram camera. 
  5. After you save the filter, you will be able to access it on your Instagram app whenever you want. Just open your Instagram camera, select the Family Guy filter, and start recording. 

Give this filter a try and see which Character’ it gives you. Do share with us which Family Guy characters you are in the comments below!

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