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Chad Ehlers (Da_Chad) is making kindness a trend across social media with the Chad Change.

Chad Ehlers is a 37 year old former registered nurse turned motivational speaker, and full-time Tik Tok creator who hails from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Chad is a single father of 2 daughters Mia who is 2 years old who is fighting Leukemia and his older daughter, Kyra who is 16 years old.

  Chad, aka “da_chad” has taken Tik Tok by storm with his dance, smile, and positivity. Chad is a motivational speaker that also helps raise money for multiple charities like Erlanger Children’s hospital. He has also had several articles published in New York Weekly, The US News, Entertainment Monthly, American Reporter, KIVO Daily, and Los Angeles Wire, CelebPie, and Urban Dictionary just to mention a few.

  Around May 2020 Chad started his movement the “Chad Change” which took the Tik Tok application over by storm, now involving almost 400 people. Chad offers a safe, judgement free outlet for people to express their feelings. He also offers multiple resources within his “Chad Change” for people to reach out to.

  In October 2020, Chad took his positive vibes on the road. His first stop was Kansas City, Missouri where Chad met up with several other influencers and surprised multiple families at a grocery store by paying for their groceries. In November 2020 he went to Miami, Florida for a charity event for his little princess Mia. From there he went to Foley, Alabama and met up with even more positive influencers and had a “Friendsgiving” while also spreading love and positive vibes. Chad’s next stop was in his home town of Chattanooga, Tennessee on Jan 9th. The event was sold out and all proceeds went directly to Erlanger Children’s Hospital, raising approximately $15,000 through tickets to the event, and Chad’s supporters on Tik Tok.

  Chad keeps his positivity and love going even through adversity and some of the toughest times a father can go through. Even in the face of leukemia that his 2 year old daughter is fighting, he keeps a smile on his face and love in his heart to give. He goes live on Tik Tok almost nightly and his movement, “Chad Change” is changing lives daily by giving people an outlet to such things as domestic violence, toxic relationships, mental health support, and addiction just to name a few. The change has almost 400 people in support of it and growing daily to expand and reach all over not just the United States, but Canada and the rest of the world.

  As of today Chad has almost 769k followers on Tik Tok and over 63k on Instagram, and growing Chad is working hard to prove that one person CAN change this world.

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