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During a time where most businesses and creatives have struggled to remain in production, Tucci & Company has continued to stand out in the industry.

Prior to founding Tucci & Company two years ago, both brothers were already wildly successful and sought after in the filmmaking world, having produced more than thirty noteworthy films and showing a tremendous passion for storytelling.

So it was no surprise, that even with the challenges of Covid-19 in 2020, Damiano and Tiziano prevailed and made strides in bringing new projects to the big screen for 2021.

As with all other industries, the ongoing Covid-19 crisis has brought about numerous changes within the film industry. Damiano and Tiziano explained, “Things are still changing on a daily basis.”, the two went on to elaborate, “The things that have changed are the physical production/safety protocols and perhaps the biggest real changes occurring in the industry are release strategies for independent films.” Despite all these factors, “Things have not changed fundamentally in the filmmaking process.” The Tucci brothers insisted.

Due to the challenges that these shifts brought in the film world, Tucci & Company had to get creative when filming to ensure their cast and crew’s wellbeing. Damiano and Tiziano described their approach to filmmaking in the pandemic as “practical,” which ensured that they were able to keep the ball rolling. Damiano and Tiziano explained, “We prioritized our development slate and looked at which projects would be the most practical to do in a “bubble” (i.e. somewhere we could isolate the cast & crew and ensure all interacting parties were being tested regularly, etc.).” Under these strict parameters, Borrego, starring Lucy Hale, moved to the top of the pile.

Shot in southern Spain: Borrego is a thriller following a young botanist taken captive by an inexperienced drug mule. On the surface, Borrego is an enthralling thriller, guaranteed to keep fans on their toes. However, the Tucci Brothers explained that their films are rarely what they appear to be at first glance, “If you dig a little deeper, the same woman (Hale) is on the run from her guilt in having lost her sister at the hands of her own drug abuse problems.”

Although they have produced many thrillers the duo does not aim to produce only thrillers, “We’ve never been a one-genre minded company. Our approach has always been to look at the story first and then consider tone and genre. The point for us is good films are films that can take the audience on a journey of sorts; and that is not limited to one genre or another.”

Borrego has wrapped principal photography, and the official 2021 release date will be set soon. Pointing to the release of their films as another significant challenge the pandemic has brought, they shared, “I would say the biggest struggle has been determining where things are going to be in the future. Are theaters going to be open? What parameters will we have for responsible releases and what will be the financial viability of those releases?. All of which has an impact on the approach we take in modeling projects out.”

Despite the uncertainty and challenges in the filmmaking industry during these uncertain times, these brothers remain hopeful for the future, “Producing films is never a particularly easy task. The current global condition has not made that any easier. Our experience has taught us that if we put the work in and charge forward will will find a way to get it done.. And it has been very nice to be able to help put people back to work. The entire industry has been hurting (along with so many others) and it is good to be able to give back and try to make things feel somewhat normal again. After all, the sun is still shining.”

While fans wait for Borrego, they can keep up with Damiano Tucci and Tiziano on the Tucci & Company website:

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