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Revolutionize Your Relationship to Money With This Simple Shift – The Journey-Centered Life

I hardly ever carry cash. When I get it, it flows out of my wallet before I know it. Somehow, cash feels more flowing and intangible than the numbers that show on my credit union account balance, which I spend with more care and intention. 

But there are times when money lands in my wallet and I know it’s not for me.

It’s an intuitive hit. I am not attached to the green bills, and they ride around in my purse, or the change drawer in my car until the right time to set them free arrives. In those moments, it’s clear that this is not my money – I am the steward of the blessings this currency can bring. I hand over the cash with lightness, knowing it is going where it belongs, and clear that I was just the messenger, the steward.

And it makes me wonder.

What if I could feel that way always? What if I could release the heaviness that I often carry, tucked in among the cash in my wallet, or added as self-imposed fees on my transactions?

What if we change the way we look at money? 

Because what is money but potential? It is nothing until you use it. Until you pass it along.

What if we see ourselves not as the owner of money, “This is my money – I earned it!” or a slave to money, “I have to work to pay the bills.” 

What if we saw ourselves as the steward of blessings?

How would that change your relationship to money? To finances? To your job?

In the space between experiencing this realization and writing this article, I have done my best to put this theory into practice. I see myself as a conduit, a waystation for the energy of money. It comes to me to serve a purpose, and passes through me, sometimes hanging out for a while, because savings and investments support my highest good, and sometimes moving on as soon as it arrives, turning into heat for the house, or hot bowls of fresh popcorn on family movie night.

I feel a lightness, a freedom, and a level of gratitude that is new and refreshing. Try it this week! Repeat to yourself, “I am the steward of money. The money I have is not mine – it is a blessing – and when it is time, I’ll send the blessing along.”

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