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New song and “During the Pandemic” with Henrys Invegas

What have you been doing during the pandemic?

Well 10 years ago I was just Henry Gabriel Betances Chavez; Now I’m Henrys Invegas, that alone keeps me well occupied. I enjoy feeding my persona, submerging in it, I really discover lots of art and beauty within that world. I am thankful I am able to live it so openly where my family knows I go by that name, my really close friends know, my dog knows, so it definitely gets easier to cope with alone-time when you are entertaining yourself.

Besides enjoying my own music, etc,. I’ve grown quite fond to video game streamers. I’ve watched streamers every day. I like the content, I like the causes, and I myself love competitive Call of Duty. Before Music I used to play all day.

Shout out to Optic Gaming, I love what they do, Hector a.k.a H3cz the current owner he’s great, Di3sel, I watch him all the time almost every single day through this Pandemic, MissesMae, his girlfriend she games too. They’re all wonderful and a lot of kids watch their streams, I enjoy reading the comments, keeps me in the loop.

That summarizes a vast amount of my activities during this Pandemic. Check out my newest Single “Nightly” by Henrys Invegas available on Apple Music, Spotify, and a lot of streaming platforms.

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