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NEO 10Y: A New Wave of Consciousness For An Inclusive Spiritual Revolution

The notion of expanding consciousness is not unheard of for the many philosophical residents of our city. However, with every generation a contemporary voice is needed to reach new depths; and ripple effects in music and the spiritual realm are pointing towards British-Asian artist NEO 10Y being that voice for change, and an inclusive spiritual revolution.

Historically, spiritual texts have been written and published by supremacist groups in adjacency to many religious texts. There has been significant white-washing and gendering of references to the universe which, by modern day standards, feel disingenuous and warped. This is because entire Eastern monasteries were burnt to the ground during colonial times and the root of spirituality and consciousness is only slowly being reclaimed now.

Contemporary collective insight on race, gender and inclusivity, and growing cognitive awareness in the mainstream shows us that we are all in fact non-binary.

Through their brand of spiritual pop and a hyper reality music universe, recording artist NEO 10Y is proving and documenting the collective plight for a utopian future dimension of love, peace and equality. Their philosophies fall in line with ancient Indian, Vedic, Jain and Buddhist principles of peace and non-violence but tapping into ancient source knowledge. They are a vegan, reference post-materialism in their work, and aware of their privilege of living in London; all of which they reference in their work.

Their stand out songs that are hitting over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone are Stan Yourself and Dopamine. Both songs are about connecting with the universe and embracing love. Another standout single that received much critical acclaim is Y, which zones in on curiosity being the key to love and peace. On January 1 2021, NEO 10Y released “Shortcut To World Peace”, a powerful and anthemic pop song and 11-track record, designed to amplify love energy and self realization with the intention of manifesting world peace.

The song starts as an ethereal piano ballad, evolving into a stadium-filling second verse and chorus with a trippy affirmation for love and kindness before transforming into a sexy and astral final part. Billboard describes the song as featuring “otherworldly production quality with scintillating vocals” which is evident on the whole record. The diversity in the song production present on Shortcut To World Peace is amplified throughout the record combining pop, grunge, rnb through a cinematic and ethereal lens. The use of “aum” sounds in their songs is fascinating, and apt considering the artist’s Indian ancestry.

The attention to detail and documented synchronicities in their timeline as an artist is what is truly captivating.

But it’s NEO 10Y’s attention to detail and the way they have documented synchronicities in their timeline, such as shooting the video for Stan Yourself in Los Angeles on the corner of Stanley Street which was only discovered upon editing the clip, which is truly marvellous.

The analysis on their name alone, how it unveiled itself and parallels with birth name and oneness, which NEO 10Y has credited to universal design is a point of interest with fans and talking point in online forums and new social media audio app, Clubhouse. The fascination lies with the honesty and transparency of the artist who credits the universe for this genius.

This is then mirrored deeper with contemporary politics, the wider consciousness shift and the spiritual revolution that the futurists of our generation can relate to.

NEO 10Y is unsurprisingly also a Reiki master, which makes sense considering the healing intention of their work. The surprise is that unlike the modesty of gurus and cult leaders of the past, NEO 10Y’s aesthetic and presence as an artist is moody and sexy, framing spirituality through a more radical and open minded perspective for Gen Z and beyond.

Proud of their Indian and shared ancestry with Freddie Mercury, NEO 10Y is an active voice in the LGBTQ+ community. Their overall desire to deconstruct the notion of heterosexuality, is something they often repeat in their media work.

As an independent artist, it is clear that NEO 10Y is in control of their narrative, creating a new dimension for consciousness in pop which is both brilliant and authentic, with a growing cult following that can help to deliver peace and love on our planet.

You can stream NEO 10Y on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and all other streaming platforms, watch their music videos on YouTube, follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Clubhouse and buy ‘Shortcut To World Peace’ the physical album via NEO10Y.SPACE

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