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A look at Meero through the eyes of their first Producer, Nicolas Fofana!

Initiated as an idea that evolved into a passion and then a profession, Nicolas Fofana has been a fervent and enthusiastic digital expert at Meero for the last four years.

He started as a Producer in Paris and took a step forward as Production Manager a year later. Nicolas’ creativity and originality allowed him to enter into the all-encompassing and vivid world of photography and cinematography. After dipping a toe into the field, he fell in love with the creative process and never looked back again!

With unlimited dedication and enthusiasm, Nicolas graduated in Film & Video Production from ESRA New York Film and ESRA Paris Film School in 2016 with a goal to make a mark in the industry. While pursuing his degree, he perfected his cinematography skills with a rich and cinematically empowering background. He then began his career at Origin Films in NYC and has worked non-stop in the world of production,

Utilizing his expertise in team and time management, cross-functional collaboration, setting and monitoring team OKRs, fluency in English and French language, and photo and video quality management, he confidently and excitedly took the role as a Production Manager, and later, Production & Editing Manager at the same company.

Nicolas’s creative energy has constantly allowed him to explore new techniques in the field with an overarching goal to communicate engaging stories through visuals. He believes that understanding how to work with ideas and skills in combination results in a masterpiece comprising a powerful message and enticing storytelling.

What’s more? His potency in creative project management, detail-oriented approach, and utmost professionalism in each project makes him unique and allows him to excel in every task he undertakes.

Commitment. Competence. Determination.

Since his affiliation with Meero, Nicolas has never failed to prove himself as an agile and resilient leader, navigating through several crises, including one of his largest clients. One such case happened when a photographer in Marrakech abandoned them during a project, and Nicolas, being prepared for every situation, left overnight with a photographer from Paris to Morocco to handle all photoshoots. From managing shoots to training as per specific guidelines, he flawlessly and seamlessly managed multiple tasks on his plate. He professionally implemented processes at a larger scale within the fast-growing team and led shoots, analysis process rationalization, guideline creations, photographers briefing, and shoot reviews. As a result, Nicolas’ first-year contribution to Meero was over 10,000 delivered shoots.

His years of experience in the industry have taught him how to comfortably produce quality work on the tightest schedules and last-minute situations. Nicolas truly understands the need to work within both budgets and timelines without compromising the project’s finished integrity.

Regardless of the project’s size or criticality, he’s always well-aware of what he’s doing. His expertise and knowledge gained through education and diverse training sessions, experiences, and projects lead him to tackle challenges at Meero successfully while fulfilling his role with perseverance and astuteness. He can easily determine the good and the flawed from any photoshoot, whether it’s the framing, lighting, or image composition. Furthermore, he swiftly provides feedback and iterates to produce the best possible rendering,

Nicolas defines his work as honest and innovative, showcasing his aesthetic sensibilities and technical skills. For him, freedom, community, art, and creativity complement each other and drive him to excel each day. He believes that they are at the very heart and structure of life and the universe we dwell in. Today, in consonance with his adept team, he’s discovering and exploring each day, meeting and working with wonderful people, and is thrilled to present the everyday moments in his work with all his heart and soul.

Every day, Nicolas wakes up with one mission: to revolutionize the world of art and production by providing like-minded people a platform for following their passion. Today, his love affair continues with the same spark as day one. He absolutely loves his work and takes pride in it, and more than anything, he loves the people he gets to collaborate with, enabling him to unleash his true potential.

For a visually appealing sneak peek of his work, click here.

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