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The Story Of A Growing Pioneer Building In Digital Luxury, Canada!

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The genesis of the ambitious premium digital luxury creative agency in 2012 that aimed for unfathomable success, Uber Digital Luxury became one of the earliest pioneers in Canada whose foundation was built on a successful track record of marketing and advertising the major Global Swiss premium luxury brands, and who is dedicated to serving the premium luxury brands, a very niche clientele. UDL aspires to enhance the experience of this affluent clientele and dedicate itself to illuminating the big establishments with the right technique and correct approach. 

Signature of Passion, Vision & Tenacity, a creative agency whose professional expertise comes from over a decade of a dedicated passion in Swiss premium luxury brand management, advertising, and marketing. The very foundation of UDL is based on the success of Swiss premium luxury learning, growing, and witnessing with some of the greatest minds and leaders who created and built global Swiss premium luxury brands, and this passion makes the digital luxury agency synonymous with excellence. 

UDL evolved from a passionate tale of the worldwide Swiss luxury lifestyle of the elusive global elite luxury brands. Providing unique and unrivaled experience to serve the most opulent clients in the premium luxury market across the globe is the main goal. 

Delivering expert perspectives, meaningful analysis, and powerful marketing solutions by creating a successful and performing digital brand for the clientele who wants to market their product or services for excellence. Paving a way for not only the premium but bespoke, couture and luxury fashion brands to get connected with the elite audience by the experts from within the premium luxury industry who comprehend the core of it. 

The company primarily focuses on premium luxury, in addition to bespoke, couture, or haute couture and fashion luxury where the excellence of creativity is never-ending. Being in such a competitive industry where technology is rapidly evolving with the current times, staying ahead of the trend and innovation is an integral part, focus and goal to success, moving ahead.  

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UDL believes in the core relation and the personal touch of the most influential consumers who enjoy in the cradle of opulence and appreciate the finer things in life; providing a direct connection to the brands with the exemplary achievements as the company observes a positive growth of digital luxury marketing, by 9 % in 2020. 

A very optimistic professional leader, the CEO. Founder Moeth Ahmed with his wealth of knowledge, expertise, and the background that expanse from the successful experience of working with the global Swiss premium luxury brands pioneered in the luxury/fashion industry for 24 years now, where the true passion took its inception from embarking upon Swiss Premium luxury industry. 

The CEO surely excelled and achieved many accolades for his unprecedented journey from fashion luxury to Swiss premium luxury business for over almost a decade that ranges from operations, management, sales, buying, branding, marketing, and advertising for 55 Swiss Premium luxury brands, managing both 5 major Swiss brands supply chain and 50 Swiss brands in retail operations for 12 boutiques across Canada. One can only envisage the dedicated amount of diligence, focus, and execution required to achieve such excellence. All its creative worlds have been carefully and selectively curated at Uber Digital Luxury and continues to do the best, excelling ahead of yesterday’s milestone. 

One of the first Bespoke premium luxury creative marketing agency in Canada spearheads with a fiery passion, visionary strategy, and a tenacious crafted work aimed for the distinguished and niche clients for a bespoke signature service and custom creative solution. – representing them as their in-house bespoke digital luxury agency for a complete marketing solution. It will be exciting to observe the new creative and innovative steps, collaboration, and presentation coming in this new year. 

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