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A Most Noble Profession

Police work is among the most noble of all professions.  Whether you are the first in your family to wear a badge or you are one in a long line of law enforcement officers, that first adrenaline makes you a sister or brother to every active and retired officer across the nation. Running toward danger as others run away, can be an overused cliché. Except for those who have actually been there and done that, it is an academic exercise at best. 

The black and white, patrol car, unit, or radio car, is often the place where we start our youngest and most inexperienced officers. That’s just how it works in state and local policing. As an organization, and as a community, we ask the patrol officer to deal with the most complex and dangerous situations. Split second decisions are made and quite literally life and death can hang in the balance. Then comes the second-guessing and the arm-chair quarterbacking; and this can go on for weeks, months and even years. 

Movies and television shows, as gritty and realistic as they have become in depicting the chase and the shootout, still leave the general public with grossly distorted view of a day in the life of an officer. In reality, the job has become more and more complex. Sure there are exciting moments, but more often than not, it is a career requiring a tremendous amount of stamina and brainpower.  Throughout their careers officers can expect to hear the phase: do more with less.

Illuno is startup police tech company that understands both the pride of public service and the forces that make the job so difficult. Founded by front-line workers, Illuno has a “why” that drives them find innovated ways to provide officers with a systematic approach to off-duty work.   Illuno seeks to be the first to offer agency heads, managers, officers and unions the opportunity for a one stop shop for procuring, assigning, tracking and insuring off-duty law enforcement jobs worked by officers.  It is the rare get more for less opportunity from a company that really cares about our community and effective policing.   

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