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RUON the money of Crypto Kings & Queens

from MTV Director & Film Producer, Timothy E. Burke

With everything going on in the world today we are pleased to report on a new TV series that aims to bring a much-needed revenue stream to citizens in Los Angeles affected by Covid, while also helping thousands of people in need here and abroad. 

The show is called “CRYPTO KINGS” created by cult MTV Director and Hollywood movie producer, Timothy E. Burke. The TV series centers around the launch of this revolutionary crypto-company called ‘RUON’ and the group of friends and influencers living and working together in the Hollywood Hills. 

We follow their exploits and the near-impossible mission to launch the world’s first blockchain satellite into orbit with SpaceX. The satellites will power this space-based social, charity, and RUON cryptocurrency providing connectivity to help eradicate extreme global poverty in the 3rd world.

Here in LA, RUON AI’s first charity trail will help support homeless veterans who will be given their own mobile phones and debit cards connected to RUON’s digital wallets, pre-installed on their devices. Thus, allowing viewers of the show in LA to provide them charitable donations directly.

Series Creator Timothy E. Burke adds, “We are positioning the series with a major streaming platform or network like HBO, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon or E! as it provides a novel way for millions of their viewers to make money and support each other and people in need during the pandemic.” 

Tim concludes, “Once a viewer downloads the RUON App, a streaming network can support their viewers whilst promoting new shows, attracting new subscribers, creating a community, obtain original feature-length content, and access an enormous new revenue stream. It’s a multimedia, multi-faceted win-win for the network. With so many streaming options nowadays, this is a unique way to keep ahead of the competitors.”

Timothy has a long track record on the Hollywood movie circuit having exec. produced ‘LA Slasher’ with David Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy, Spectre), ‘Antibirth’ with Oscar Nominated Meg Tilly & Golden Globe-winning actress Chloë Sevigny, ‘Monster Party’ from Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, and recently ‘Killers Anonymous’ with Jessica Alba & Gary Oldman; as well as his forthcoming sci-fi epic ‘Planet X’ which he has written with consideration from the Warner Bros. script department.

Tim started his long career in entertainment back in 2005 producing, directing and hosting a celebrity interview series on MTV Europe, which outrated ‘The Osbournes’ and received many 5 Star TV reviews. After his time at MTV, Tim pivoted his life in entertainment to focus on technology and went on setup The Bigger Picture TV which was the first company ever to put text shortcodes on billboard movie posters, including Michael Mann’s Miami Vice. 

Today, Tim finds himself in the unique position of being a technology expert, philanthropist, and movie producer. As such, Tim is a regular panel host at ‘Digital Hollywood’ and has recently been featured in Entrepreneur magazine. 

He is now the head of ‘The Social Renaissance’ – a group of crypto-techies, influencers, and free thinkers whose goal is to bring about: “Revolutionizing the social media space and helping eradicate extreme global poverty by 2032.” Tim continues, “Digital rights are human rights and we are on a mission to solve the many problems with today’s social platforms like #hate and trolling, while simultaneously aspiring to allow users to self-monetize their personal data points, and of course ensure digital privacy and transparency.” 

The Economist – The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data ... A NEW commodity spawns a lucrative, fast-growing industry, prompting antitrust … Now similar concerns are being raised by the giants that deal in data, the oil of the digital era.

And, it’s this unique group of online revolutionaries that the TV series will focus upon, from their work at World Cryptocon to jumping out of planes to celebrate their satellite launch by SpaceX. RUON’s SpaceX satellite launches will be key to eradicating extreme global poverty and will be included in the show. The launches are organized through Tim’s sister company SovereignSky ( and his partners, SpaceQuest’s Dino Lorenzini, and his co-founder and one of the Godfathers of Blockchain, Stan Larimer. 

Interestingly, the very concept of beaming cryptocurrency from space stems from Tim’s sci-fi opera ‘Planet X’ involving an interstellar space currency that is now being made a reality here on Earth. And so we follow Tim, the RUON team, and the beautiful SovereignSky Instagram models as they go about realizing the impossible task of being able to send financial aid from Space to anywhere on Planet Earth without power or even wifi!

What is original is the docuseries, being filmed from the Hollywood Hills in California to the desert plains in Africa; it will track their social lives, the A-list celebrities, and influencers who promote the project, but also the lives of the poverty-stricken people in African villages they are on a mission to help 🙂

The show will showcase the fascinating Wild West of the cryptocurrency world; featuring crypto whale billionaires, traders, crypto playboys, the mysterious mining operations, to an ever-expanding host of investors from Wall Street and Silicon Valley. It’s the most intriguing mix of colorful crypto characters; a blend of new money and old VC money, tech entrepreneurs, social influencers, and Joe public as everyone tries to understand and get in on the exploding Bitcoin and crypto industry.

Many believe that in the not-so-distant future cryptocurrency may become the world’s new monetary system, and the show strives to educate the public on how cryptocurrency works, and how they can make money understanding it; all whilst following the lives of some of the most interesting characters in Hollywood. And by the sounds of it, Tim has met them all.

Here is a short segment on my recent interview with Timothy E. Burke “CRYPTO KINGS” Creator: 

Hi Tim, please can you give us a little background on your TV Show “CRYPTO KINGS” and how the RUON AI mobile application works.

“We wanted to make “CRYPTO KINGS” both entertaining and educational, whilst creating a major new, realty TV Series designed to have a positive impact in the world & bring much-needed help to people in need. For the first time, let us create a show that can help new streaming audiences and provide good in the world, during Covid times. The platform or app promotes the concept of “giving back,” rather than having its users focus on superficial aspects e.g., their likes and popularity. I feel social media today has helped create a self-serving audience and many Millennials have forgotten to ‘give back.’ RUON is designed to not only make its users money which is so important during Covid times but also create a new ideology for people to share their wealth and give back to those less fortunate — to support one another. We want to partner with a major streaming network, give them a share of our RUON Cryptocurrency and make it one of the biggest digital currencies in the world, whilst helping millions of people in desperate need.”

What additional ways will ‘”CRYPTO KINGS” benefit a streaming network.

“Imagine 20 million viewers downloading RUON. The Network now has a direct way to communicate to its viewers, collect payments, and attract new subscribers. The show itself features Instagram stars and social influencers with a combined following of over 150m people who can become online ambassadors for the network. The show also features new emerging territories and markets, like in Africa & India, with millions of potential new subscribers. The network can help its viewers make and share money during Covid times by featuring the app in the show. Streaming networks always need content. Content is “crypto” King and with RUON’s unique timeline editor and major label music licensing we believe viewers will now be able to shoot, edit and exort ‘feature-length’ films all on their mobile phones. Imagine 5 million viewers being tasked, in a competition, to create a feature-length indie sci-fi or romcom using RUON’s unique film editing & storage technology. A streaming network will have a new content production house, an endless supply of engaging film content, created by its viewers at a fraction of the cost of traditional content. It’s truly amazing what the most talented filmmakers can do on their phones these days and RUON can truly support and improve that.”

The RUON app is ready to launch within the next couple of months. How do you think the Coronavirus affects people’s need for RUON in their daily lives? 

“Everything has changed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Covid has displaced jobs and caused millions of people, including those still employed, to remain uncertain of their employment and financial income. RUON AI is expertly designed for its users to make as much money as possible, as quickly and as easily as posting a selfie, photo or mySTORY video post. Everyone can now participate in this new wave crypto economy. Viewers stuck inside on lockdown can be brought together within RUON’s chat rooms to share feedback on shows, characters and promote new shows through their chats, DMs, and profile posts.”

What other partnerships do you envision RUON utilizing to transform the way we create and interact with media today? 

“RUON is currently in talks with the two largest A-list music labels in the world to create ‘new-era entertainment’ and content creation systems whilst financially rewarding these film and content creators. 

Aspiring content creators will be highlighted for their unique capabilities and cinematographic feature film projects through in-app competitions and rewarded RUON Cryptocurrency. The next Steven Spielberg or David Fincher could gain well-deserved recognition in film festivals powered by RUON’s timeline editor technology, Hollywood SFXs & A-list music licenses. And, of course, RUON Cryptocurrency will be provided for prize money. 

We plan to generate new content for streaming networks by finding the best talent through RUON’s film festivals and content creation competitions.”

What about RUON makes it unique and different from other platform applications? 

“We use apps that we love, yet we get nothing in return. Now users can make money from their posts by receiving RUONs (RUON Coin is the digital currency) instead of ‘Likes.’ Normally, a content post with 10,000 ‘likes’ has no value, however, in RUON’s brave new crypto world a content post with 10,000 ‘RUONs’, provided by other users, could be worth $1,000. This money is instantly made available to spend in their digital wallet or on their RUON debit card they get in the post when downloading the app.

Additionally, users can send digital app coins or RUON currency to other users to support their ideas and film projects by attaching cryptocurrency directly to their projects and posts. This revolutionary feature allows for immediate money transfer by simply tapping twice on your smartphone.”

It seems like fusing blockchain technology and media is incredibly different; how will this aid people and charities in the 3rd world? 

“RUON AI plans to enable individuals to perform peer-to-peer charity donations instantly — which is the most efficient way of funding charitable projects and people in need across the globe. Traditionally, a charity is considered to be efficient if 65% of the donation is spent on charitable causes and no more than 35% on administrative costs of the organization. With the joint effort of RUON AI and SovereignSky, up to 97.5% of the donation or contribution will reach the person in need, instantly! 

RUON AI also provides ‘double verification’ on all donations. Donors will be able to see pictures and videos of how their money has improved lives, creating renewable energy sources, contributed to the building of schools, restocked medical supplies, and personally helped the donee. The people and places we help will also be featured on the TV series.

The series could also be accompanied by text shortcodes on the bottom of the screen to generate further financial aid to these charities and groups featured.”

What is RUON’s end goal? 

“RUON’s end goal is to help eradicate extreme global poverty by 2032. The TV series will document how RUON and SovereignSky will achieve the near-impossible task of becoming the first company in the world to be able to send financial aid anywhere on the planet without power or even wifi.

RUON AI has global space charity patents that will also help save lives before they’re even endangered. The AI technology within RUON will identify people about to be affected by famine, war, genocide, or natural disasters, and allow for financial aid to instantaneously be sent to them. We will no longer have to depend on the slower charity processes to get money to people in need. RUON is now giving financial power back to the unbanked.”

How will a TV Series help RUON cryptocurrency? 

“Today, we see the incredible rise of Bitcoin, which two weeks ago overtook Facebook in terms of valuation, with an $800+ Billion market cap. However, despite this incredible valuation, it is estimated that Bitcoin only has around *20 million active users worldwide. Imagine a cool, new reality TV series, as popular as The Kardashians, watched by 50 million people, and the majority of those people all using the app and owning the RUON digital currency. The cryptocurrency would instantly become one of the most valuable digital currencies in the world with the network sharing in this potentially endless new revenue stream.”



For more information, please go to or or email the Crypto Kings directly at – They are looking forward to hearing from you.

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