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New Film Review – The Mystic Sisters Present: Mystery Mansion

Recently released on Amazon Prime Video earlier this month, The Mystic Sisters Present: Mystery Mansion is a horror-comedy that combines fantasy with heartfelt emotions. The movie managed to impress critics and audiences alike while winning several awards during its initial preview in 2019.

A tale of three characters who must fight the forces of evil to keep their world safe, Mystery Mansion follows the lives of occultist Mr. Horus, chiropractor Dr. Ghoul and mad scientist Professor Decay. Tasked with protecting the portals and keeping the mansion safe, the three friends accidentally awaken a monster who wants to consume the dimension and destroy everything in its way. The unlikely trio must now muster up the courage to overcome their fears and banish the monster to the hell it came from.

A horror-comedy movie that relies on ridiculous costumes, obnoxious monsters, and hilarious dialogues, Mystery Mansion is everything you need from a comedy film. With its 80s style visual effects, uncomplicated animation, and intriguing music, the movie takes inspiration from cult favorites of the past. Divided into four parts, the movie is narrated by the Mystic Sisters, Occultina, and Possession, who add another level of sass and magic to the film.

Created by filmmakers Mike Handelman, Isaiah Mueller, and Hunter West, the film is not only about magic and demons, but also about friendship and courage. After the three friends release the demon, they slowly start going deep into the darkness, until they realize that they need to work together to get rid of the monster once and for all. Once they start trusting each other’s abilities, they soon overcome their fears and defeat the demon.

The dynamic between the characters, combined with the light-hearted comedy, makes this movie a pleasure to watch. Winner of multiple film festival awards, Mystery Mansion is directed and co-produced by Joe Whelski. With a plot electrified by a diverse cast and nods to sci-fi classics, the film is definitely worth watching, especially if you are a fan of classic cult movies.

You can find The Mystic Sisters Present: Mystery Mansion on Amazon Prime Video now.

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