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Meharyar Khan shares his journey to digital fame and social media success

In the recent boom of the digital world, we are seeing many new faces that are re-shaping the structure of the entertainment and content industry. One such personality is Meharyar Khan, an Instagram growth expert and digital entrepreneur who has caught the public eye ever since the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Today, Meharyar has a growing network of almost 2 million followers on Instagram with 1.3 million on his main page @jokeshub. However, such success does not come easy. Meharyar’s phone would sometimes report 15 hours daily average screen time, this shows how much hard work has been put in to get him where he is today. 

Starting his page back in 2012, Meharyar has seen the influencer trend around him grow. He believes that the barriers to entry have gone down recently because it has become easier to buy growth and invest in your page. People have finally realized that the more they invest digitally, the more they will end up making. Meharyar himself holds a keen eye for investing in digital assets and has diversified in different kinds of pages and platforms to increase his network even further as he believes that just one stream of income isn’t enough. Meharyar uses his huge follower network to help online businesses grow and scale. He also boasts multiple satisfied clients who are frequent ad buyers from his page Jokeshub. For anyone looking to start an online business, Meharyar advises them to create ads that do not look like ads. According to him, ads that are engaging and not just product or service pictures do much better especially if they’re funny and incorporate a meme format.

For his future plans, Meharyar plans on increasing his social media following even further and aims to have a 5 million network by year-end. Apart from that, his main focus right now is to open a marketing agency on Instagram by the end of February. We hope that Meharyar’s long-term vision to strategize his business takes him a long way in his digital endeavors and we hope to be writing on some more exciting news from him soon!

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