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MABELLE PRIOR Fires Racists And Said They Are Fake Whites.

Mabelle Prior breathed fire after becoming a victim of racism.

While venting out her anger, the Swiss-Ghanaian TV broadcast queen and entrepreneur called racists FAKE whites hiding under their skin colour and feel superior to others.

“20 years in Switzerland and the only Racists I’ve met are all fake whites: FAUX BLANCS

Fake whites hiding under colour and feeling superior,” She said.

Prior added racists are up to no good for the blacks but “so nostalgic to the slavery and segregation era. They get mad when they see blacks living a decent life.”

The ugly turn of events unfolded after a racist allegedly trespassed her private property unapologetically, prompting her to report the matter to the police.

The Swiss-based vocal TV Broadcast journalist is known for her stunt in the fight against the endemic racism that has taken root in most white nations.

Therefore, she can’t miss out on the heated discussions about racism, gender inequality, and women empowerment.

Prior is an emblematic figure in the fight against racial extremism and equal rights for women in economic empowerment.

Racial discrimination has been a widespread phenomenon globally, taking tall even in the highly advanced first-world nations, including the USA, where the ugly scenes of racial injustice played out vividly in the Killing of a black man, George Floyd.

The brutal and forceful death of Mr. Floyd in full glare sparked enormous nationwide Blacklivesmatter protests in the US capital and across the world.

This was just one of the many cases of endemic racial injustices kept under the carpet for many decades, from the 1800s when the slave trade took its toll in Africa.

Even though racism seems to be water under the bridge in the 21st century, there are still a significant number of whites who still have the tendencies to mistreat and hate Africans just because they don’t like their skin complexion.

From the case of Mabelle Prior, it’s evident that there’s a group of whites who “hide under their skin and feel superior” over the blacks.

Following her predicament, Prior compared the few whites who still believe in racial superiority as a bitter group who lose their mind and behave like a group of dirty pigs sh*tting in front of people’s property.

“They’re so bitter, they lose their mind and behave like dirty pigs sh*tting in front of people’s property,” she wrote.

FAKE Whites! Who are they?

According to Prior, the uncivilised, primitive, cruel hypocrites hiding under colour are FAKE whites who’re out to pollute the name of real good whites.

“Uncivilised, primitive, cruel, hypocrites and Fake whites hiding under colour and polluting the name of real good Whites,” she said in a statement.

Since the post-world war II era, whites are known to be kind, welcoming, and humane to other people of colour.

There are known to be champions for human rights, democracy, equality, empowerment, and a healthy environment.

But there’s still a small group of whites who believes in racial segregation, imperialism, racial discrimination, and lawlessness.

“They are so nostalgic of slavery and segregation era.

They get mad when they see blacks living a decent life,” said Prior.

Earlier, Mabelle Prior said that you shouldn’t blame the crime of a few hell-bent whites on the entire white persons on earth.

In her book “Beyond Race,” Prior says the hate on blacks cultivated by a few bloody whites isn’t out of envy or colour; it’s disrespect. After all, whites have never wished to be Africans.

Disappointed with the trespassing at her property by a racist, Prior fired shots of warning at those who engage in such disrespectful activities, terming them as nobody’s master and superior to no one.

“You are nobody’s master. You are nobody’s head.

You are superior to no one.

They lied to you,” Prior warned the racists.

REAL Whites—Who Are they?

Those who engage in the promotion of racial disparity and extremism give a misleading image of whom real white looks like.

And they don’t share in the goodwill of the larger white community that embraces diversity and respects human rights.

According to Prior’s statements, a REAL white isn’t chaotic and disrespectful. But works for the common good of the human race.

Here is what she said.

“A real white doesn’t sh*t around like a pig.

A real white is busy creating.
A real white is busy building economic power.
A real white is busy protecting the planet protecting the environment.
A real white is busy taking care of his family.
A real white is busy planning and creating a better future for generations to come.”

Based on her statements, a real white behaves responsibly and works tirelessly to make the world a better place for all and a generation to come.

Prior also emphasised that “A real white is not a racist.” Therefore, they do not engage in looking down upon people of colour.

Instead, “A real white is a protector of the human race and not the protector of colour.”

In her parting shot, Mabelle Prior warned that whoever hates on her for no apparent reason will grope in the dark all through and will not find whatever he’s looking for.

And in the end, the eager stupidity will destroy him.

“If you hate on me in 2021 for no reason, you will grope in the dark all year.

Whatever you’re looking for, you will not find.

Your “luck” is in my pocket.

I will burn it.

“Your eager stupidity will destroy you,” she concluded.

Being a famous media personality, founder of “Swiss Most Beautiful Pageant,” and author of globally published books, Mabelle prior like using her position and ideology to highlight diversity while also condemning racial injustices and gender-based inequality.

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