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Aqeeb Farooq – The teenage online entrepreneur taking over the scene

From listing and selling items on eBay to signing international contracts — Aqeeb Farooq has achieved a lot since the age of 16. He began his interest in business when one day he decided that he wanted to start making money but didn’t want an actual job… 

Aqeeb started his entrepreneurship journey at a young age of 16 where he would help businesses set up on social media due to his huge following on Instagram, especially eCommerce stores wanting to expand online. From this spark of interest and the potential of making money online from social media, Aqeeb’s entrepreneurial passion was born. He began looking at different ideas such as eBay to make money from, he listed his first product up and had no idea that it would work well or even make any money at all, but he had hope. He made his first sale the very next morning and from then, he gradually progressed to easily covering 4 figures in sales for 1 product alone per week. He then began expanding out with different products growing his sales and profits to finally deciding a year later on creating a course to help as many people as he can as he had mastered a very key skill.

As years went by, he had gained a lot of attention to his online course and he has helped over 265+ people from 20 different countries across the world start eBay dropshipping with over $150k client sales. Aqeeb’s journey started with just listing items on eBay and then turned into helping hundreds of people make money online but it didn’t stop there, he had interest from multiple brands that were already selling on eBay that wanted his help to grow and expand further but Aqeeb declined the offers as he didn’t want to lose focus on his upcoming exams. 

Aqeeb is now at university and decided to take on any offers to help brands with eBay selling growth, he had interest from a company internationally and didn’t hesitate to accept the contract to further develop their eBay presence. He also stated that as he had more time, he would look to accept more contracts, but he also has upcoming projects in different niches that he wants to put time into. 

Any advice you would give to any new coming entrepreneurs?

“Yes 100%, I would advise everyone going into business to have a plan ready and always try stick to it, if something isn’t going right, then adapt where you can to ensure you lower the risk of any losses or problems. There will be times where business isn’t going your way but that’s all part of the journey, so keep going.” @aqeebfarooq (Instagram)

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