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Vintage Muscle, Salt Lake City Senate Football Finalize Three Year, $400k Corporate Partnership

Vintage Muscle has announced that they will be the title sponsor of the new Salt Lake Senate Football Team playing at the RSL Herriman Training Facility. Vintage Muscle will be sponsoring the new football program for $400,000 over the next three years. 

“We’re very excited to welcome a terrific new partner in Vintage Muscle as the premier sponsor of the Senate” Ritchie Martin, Head Coach said. 

“Too many teams have come and gone attempting what we’re creating here, and it’s left a sour taste in the community’s mouth. With Vintage Muscle, we’re able to fully focus on the product on the field and further elevate the event and experience.”

Introducing the Salt Lake City Senate Football

Salt Lake City Senate Football describes itself as a “football team for the people.” The team is the solution described as a “critical flaw” in the systems governing American Football. 

While there are many opportunities for college students to play, the dropout rate among graduates is huge. A small number of players are recruited to play professionally, but the vast majority of Utah players exit the sport. 

Vintage Muscle’s owner has experienced this firsthand. Jared Van Yperen, struck with the unfairness of this situation, saw the opportunity to help provide a platform for the athletes in the Salt Lake City community. “I’ve been looking for an affiliate of Vintage Muscle to represent us down in the Salt Lake Community, and after disappointment in my first option, I discovered the Senate. The Senate impressed me with their professionalism and attitude towards a vision we both want massive success in.”

Salt Lake City Senate Football is the answer to this problem. The team was formed to play in the Western Development Football League in a Minor Pro capacity (one league below XFL and Arena). Those Utah players not ready for the NFL or XFL now have somewhere else to turn. They can continue to chase the dream, playing at an elite level with the hopes of someday going pro.

The minor league level is highly competitive however, with over 50+ other clubs throughout the country. 

“If there is something you want to see that doesn’t exist, go out, take the initiative and create it yourself.”

A Match Made in Heaven

This is a sentiment shared by the founders of Vintage Muscle.

Vintage Muscle is a fitness supplement company that focuses on safe, natural products that seek to raise testosterone and muscle mass.

Like Salt Lake City Senate Football, Vintage Muscle gives those that are struggling in their sport a fair chance. While many professional bodybuilders turn to dangerous and illegal performance enhancing drugs (PEDs), Vintage Muscle offers a safer alternative. These products are synthesized from naturally occurring testosterone boosters, estrogen suppressants, and other minerals, herbs, and more that have been clinically proven to increase muscle mass.

The result is that more people can now achieve the kinds of body’s they strive for – and undo the serious damage that modern lifestyles inflict upon the male hormonal system.

And what kinds of bodies do the guys at Vintage Muscle strive for? Those ideally proportioned physiques demonstrated by the golden-era bodybuilding legends, of course!

Both organizations are committed to helping common folk achieve athletic greatness. And that’s what makes this a winning partnership.

The Deal

Vintage Muscle will be sponsoring the new football team for $400,000 over the following three years. This will help the fledgling organization to grow and thrive and hopefully attract the kind of young talent that it knows is out there.

Vintage Muscle will meanwhile enjoy increased exposure to local patrons: increasing awareness of its brand and helping more people to enjoy the strength, energy, and health that comes from high levels of testosterone coupled with a smart training program and diet.

To find out more about either organization, you can visit them at:



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