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Indigo Suave Talks Plans for New Year and More Visual Projects

With a setback this past year due to Covoid-19, Indigo Suave and his production company ASUAVEPRODUCTION plan on having a blistering year in 2021. A slew of visual projects are set to drop this year with Project: Zzz at the end of January and February with Project: 24/7. But not only that Suave has stated that every month this year a new visual project is dropping. That leaves us with 12 visual projects for the year, however he also stated that some months multiple projects may be coming out. These visual projects as he calls “visual poetry” are often seen on his Instagram page which have been much attention recently.

“This upcoming year we really plan on turning up in terms of the amount of things we are releasing this year. A lot of music visual are coming out along with 3D and CGI projects and hopefully a short film by the end of this year or the beginning of the next.”

This upcoming summer ASUAVEPRODUCTION plans to release a visual for Lulu’s single Syzygy. The most anticipated visual project for this upcoming year may be this one. A snippet from it was posted on Indigo Suave’s IG story but not too long ago. We look forward to this visual masterpiece and everything else we will be seeing this upcoming year.


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