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Battling Change During a Crisis

Work Is a Series of Up and Down Moments

At work, we undergo various changes – some positive changes and some negative changes. There has to be a way that helps us in getting rid of the crisis circling us. We can only get things under control if we try to resolve problems intelligently. We cannot fall under stressful times and complain about the things that are happening to us.

Tom Davis Answers the Crisis in Podcast with Christine Reidhead

Tom Davis, the legendary speaker, has answered this question in the Tom Davis Leadership Podcast: Episode 3 with Christine Reidhead. Both Tom Davis and Christine Reidhead are highly educated and respected individuals. Tom Davis an experienced leader who has faced many crises in the workplace. In the podcast with Christine Reidhead, he explains his experiences and responses to different crisis he’s faced. The first rule is that you don’t panic and the second rule is to find a solution and then implement it. You have to have a plan and have an approach on how you are going to tackle the situation.

His Experiences during the Challenging Times

Mr. Davis defines his experience when he was faced with a challenging situation. He mentioned he was attacked as a leader, and tried to seek an approach to resolving the problem. Mr. Davis describes how he tried to be transparent in his duties and the demeanor of other people. During this 20-minute podcast, he spoke calmly about his experience, which refers to the fact that he is a courageous, intelligent, calm, and patient leader.

Tom says that nobody should panic during times of crisis, there is always a solution to the problem. We should answer the problem by remaining firm in our stance, and approach the issue with a solid approach.

Changing and Pressing Situations

Mr. Davis answers his listeners with his one solid piece of advice: be with your people. He repeatedly asserts that the network of people answers problems. Reach out of your organization into other aspects of the world in which you live. Others have the same concerns you have and that network helps. It works most of the time. You can also ask people for help, who understand you and know you well.

Do Not Despair About Being Stuck in a Problem

At the end of the episode, he also reiterates that you should also not get in despair if you get stuck in a problem. Sometimes, all of us do not have answers to every problem and it is okay to let the problem linger. We cannot always win. You should be flexible in your approach to finding solutions. During a crisis, try to lift your spirits and live humbly. Humbleness is the solution to every problem.

Tom Davis Leadership Podcast: Episode 3

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