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Roland Ngole, International Speaker, Founder of Achieve the Vision Academy , shares 7- Tips to make the best out of 2021

Roland Ngole is a German international speaker. He is an Author and founder of achieve the vision academy. Roland Says that “the clearer the vision, the stronger the drive to execute in the direction of that vision”. We reached out to Roland to get 7 Tips that our readers could implement in their life’s in order to make 2021 their best year. This is what the go-to expert Roland Ngole had to share with us.

1-Develop a clear vision for your life in 2021

It is a common phenomenon that people step into a new year without any clear expectations of what they wish to achieve in that year. One of the reasons for that, is the fact that people are afraid to take responsibility for the outcome of their life. Just like a famous Japanese proverbs says, “he who has no expectations shall, not be disappointed”. Thus, people don´t have a vision for their life/year because of the fear of being disappointed, if things don´t work out as they expected. When you develop a clear vision for what you want to see in every area of your life in 2021, the vision will put you in the driver´s seat of your life. The vision helps you to take responsibility for the outcome of your year and life. It is not enough to wish that 2021 will a successful year for you, become intentional about the outcomes you wish to see in 2021 by crafting out a vision for your life. Wishing for 2021 to be a great year for you won´t solve the matter. Just like Goethe said “wishing is not enough we must do….” A clear vision for 2021 will motivate you to take action towards the outcome that you desire to see at the end of 2021.

2-Invest your time towards the fulfillment of your vision

Time is the most valuable resource and everyone who is alive has 24 hours. How you invest your time daily determines the results and outcome of your life. The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine, thus engage in activities daily that take you closer towards the fulfillment of your vision. If you work on your goals daily, you will increase the probability to have a different outcome in 2021. Protect your time and shut out distraction out of your life.

3- Seek for mentorship

Mentorship is the ability to learn from another individual who has already obtained the results that you desire to obtain in your life. You don´t have to try to reinvent the wheel. By learning from others you will shorten your learning curve, increase your knowledge and avoid mistakes on your path in 2021. Isaac newton said the reason why he has seen further in life is because, he stood on the shoulders of giants. He learned from the knowledge of others and thus increase his understanding and success.

4- Surround yourself with people who believe in your future

It is often said that environment is stronger than will power. As you go in the quest of your vision in 2021. Some people in your current circle might not believe in your vision and thus try to discourage you in your endeavor. Be courageous to starve negative people out of your circle of friends and spend more time with people who aspire for bigger things in 2021. The power of associating with likeminded people will help you become more focus and encourage you to stay on track.

5-Work on your mindset

It is said that as a man thinketh in his heart so is he. The life you are currently living is a direct result of your current thought pattern. In order to achieve better results in 2021, you will have to work on your mind, so as to reprogram it to believe the possibility of your vision. Building a strong mindset takes time and continuous effort, thus never stop working on your mindset. The best way to work on your mindset is by reading. By gaining new information that will refined your current thought pattern. The best type of books to start reading are biographies of people who have achieve great exploits in the field you are aspiring to go into.

6-Never give up and never stop trying

Things don´t often happen in life as we expect them to. At time things don´t go according to the plan. Nevertheless, make up your mind to keep trying and never give up your vision for 2021 in the midst of challenges and adversity. Winston Churchill said “success is the ability to move from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm”. Keep your vision fixed, but be flexible with regards to your planning, never give up. Keep on pushing and trying till you achieve your goals and vision for 2021.

7-Build up your faith.

Faith is required for you to achieve your vision. You oath to believe in the possibility of what you are aspiring to accomplish in 2021. Thus, faith plays a crucial role when things get stuff, at that point in time you won´t give up hope because you will keep on believing in the possibility of your vision in 2021 regardless of the obstacle with which you are confronted.

About Roland Ngole

Roland Ngole is a German international speaker, author, and entrepreneur. He holds a bachelor’s degree in International business administration and a master’s degree in supply chain management from the Fulda university of applied Sciences Germany. The go-to expert worked in 6 German international multinational corporations across different industries. He uses his experience to develop effective initiatives to help businesses and individuals. He has had the privilege to share the stage with some world renowned speaker like Eric Thomas. The sought-after German international speaker has spoken at several German universities, organizations, and conferences in Germany and abroad.

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