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Giovanti Humphries, Bridges the Gap Between Corporate and Cannabis

In the largest Cannabis Market in the World, Giovanti is leading the charge

In California, Cannabis business is booming and Giovanti Humphries is building brands for the masses. “We are at the very beginning of what promises to be one of California’s largest exports in the years to come,” says Giovanti, Chief Financial Officer and co-founder of a privately-held cannabis business in the state. “Once interstate commerce opens, consumers throughout the US and one day the world will look for California grown Cannabis” Giovanti initially sought out to build a large-scale enterprise at the top of the supply chain, but quickly realized that in order to really drive growth he would have to pivot and brand build first.

Giovanti has a long track record building and scaling organizations, so leveraging that into building cannabis brands was an ideal transition. He previously built and managed billion-dollar businesses for some of the largest companies in the banking industry and is able to use that experience in breaking down the fundamentals of what made those businesses so successful and implement some of those same principles into his Cannabis brand portfolio. Giovanti was also previously a technology executive for a company that was building a platform for supply chain management, including cannabis. He was able to travel the world, speak with governments, academics, and activists learning about how implementing technology might allow for wider adoption of cannabis.

Currently, Giovanti and his team are working to launch 3 new brands over the next 12 months, all with a unique distinction from their competitors in the California Cannabis market. While his day to day responsibilities come in the true form of what a CFO does, he enjoys being able to connect and tell a story to his customers through his cannabis brands. “Being able to work in this industry that so many people, including myself, are passionate about, is truly rewarding.” Giovanti spends much of his time engaging end-users, analyzing consumer behavior, and trying to understand what comes next for the largest cannabis market in the world. 

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