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New Azai Sushi Opening a new location in Los Angeles

Founder of Ghost Hospitality and the former owner of Hand Roll Bar Experience at Westfield Century City mall, Lionel Azoulay; Aly Group; and French television producer and entrepreneur, Fabrice Sopoglian; today announced the opening of a new sushi location for ​Azai Sushi​in LA, following their partnership agreement creating the new parent company Sushi With Attitude LLC. The new Van Nuy location expands the company’s geographical reach to enhance delivery and easy access to its’ Sushi product.

In this new venture, Azai Sushi serves on one of the company’s commitments to make traditional and authentic Japanese Sushi available across the United States, specializing in cut rolls, sashimi, and tartare with simplistic Japanese recipes. Azai Sushi is not like other sushi establishments since it will bring a new flare to LA by providing a unique experience to all its customers, with free delivery and special offers to the entire community. Any order for Sushi delivery can be placed on UberEats, Postmates, Grubhub, or at ​​.

“Considering how sushi delivery is booming during the COVID-19 pandemic, I decided to open a new location in partnership with Fabrice Sopoglian and Aly Group, to better serve all our customers in Los Angeles,” said Lionel, co-owner of Azai Sushi. “I am optimistic that these partnerships will further enhance smooth delivery and improve customer experience, as we look forward to more expansion.”

Ghost hospitality partners also included in this venture are veteran nightclub promoter, Roman Rey Chavent, owner of Boule De Pain bakery, Arieh Haddad, and Yohan Aaron.

Sushi With Attitude is also planning to open more Azai Sushi locations in 2021, including places such as Glendale, Downtown, and Pasadena.

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