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Goals with Foster Lee

There Is Nothing You Can’t Do, Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

Thought, Speech, and Action are the ways to attain anything in this world. 

Growing up, I was surrounded by people from all walks of life. You had your business men, your gang members, your athletes, you name it. While I was trying to figure out who I was, I attempted to be all of these at least once. I looked up to these men so I became like them. This got me thinking. If we can become what we set our minds to, then how important is it to set our minds to the right things?

My earliest memory of goal setting was my freshman year in high school. I tried out for track and cross country team making the freshman roster. You might think I would be happy since I made the team, but I knew I could do better so immediately I set my mind to making it onto the varsity team by next practice.

I got up early the next morning, started walking to school, adding extra work outs into my routine, pushups here, sit ups there and by the second or third week, I was moved up to varsity. It was from that point on that I knew whatever I set my mind to; I can and will accomplish, with effort and determination.

My personal definition of goals is a unique idea created in ones’ own thoughts; it should be molded of malleable material to allow slight future altercations because with time comes change; it should steer the creator in the direction that will coincide with opportunistic success.

The first steps are always having a physical manifestation of what you want in specific detail using positive language. Then you’ll need a timeline to hold yourself accountable. A goal without a plan is a dead wish. Refine your skill set to make sure you’re ready for the next level up in life. Remember to follow through and be gentle with yourself. Nothing great happens overnight. Celebrate yourself and your steps towards greatness along the way and watch your life transform before your eyes. Create a dream, then set a plan, and create a action based solution towards the ways to achieve success.

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