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Fabrejay’s Birth vaults to #3 on pop charts

Around the mid of 2020, multi-hyphenated Fabrejay disrupted the music industry when he unexpectedly dropped a new single titled ‘Birth’ right after the launch of his Kure Music Group. That itself was a major accomplishment but his credits do not end there. By the end of year, Birth was peaking on the number 3 position on Pop charts ITunes South Africa and it’s anything but surprising. This single has everything that keeps the listeners absolutely glued throughout its duration. Birth landed among songs of other top artists like Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran and even outdid ‘Vibez’ by Zayn Malik. A well-earned recognition of a well-deserved song!
The extraordinary piece gives out victorious feelings and positive vibes. Fabrejay hopes that listeners will get an “everything will be alright” feeling by the end of his first official production ‘Birth.’ This single is a beautiful depiction of Fabrejay’s brilliance, dedication and talent. The upbeat and symphonic arrangement of this bassy offering enchants the listener with its strong melody. Birth is a mesmerizing rendition, the song typically has the same rhythm throughout but at some marks it surprises the listeners with switcheroos.
Apart from this, Fabrejay has a long list of distinctive achievements. Having already the noble title of official DJ at Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club in New York, Fabrejay is also an artist, DJ, producer, and entrepreneur. Fabrejay had an early love and passion for music so he began editing tapes and selling them to his peers at the tender age of 8 years old. He promoted his first night club party when he was only 15 years old. Now, he is a seasoned artist with over one and a half decade of musical expertise under his belt and an unwavering ardour for sound curation. He is known to be an established celebrity DJ for various influencers and brands globally as he knows the dos and don’ts of creating a timeless record.
Fabrejay is the life of the party at every lavish event, be it a red carpet, industry heavyweight championship, major league franchise, after-party concert or anything in between. He has established his own unique position in the industry. His resounding success as a disc jockey has seen him work with some of the top names, including Rihanna, Obama, Jonas Brothers and DJ Khaled.02:55January 16, 2021

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