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EXO Drones is taking on DJI in style.

There is a new face in the drone in the drone tech industry, and they’re really throwing a wrench at DJI’s global dominance. Their name: EXO Drones.

EXO Drones was founded by a group of young pilots out of Salt Lake City, and their footprint is already starting to show. 2020 was EXO Drones’ first year selling their product/service, and they ended up taking almost .1% of America’s consumer drone industry. That may not seem like a lot, but for a billion dollar/year industry, percentages sum quickly. The strategy they employ is simple yet timeless, offering a low-cost alternative product with more localized service than the big brand dominating.

Their first big hit came towards the end of 2020 with the release of their drone the ‘EXO X7 Ranger’, a DJI-look-alike with a ground-breakingly simple setup process. It allowed never-before drone operators to easily get a ready-to-fly kit with a simple interface and access to their renowned customer service team. They entered into a vastly over-supplied industry, but found their niche. While their drone is awesome, their support system design is what allowed them to take off.

When talking to EXO Drones customers, we kept hearing the same two words: customer service. Drones can be difficult, no matter how seamless the process is made, but EXO customers tell us they never get left behind. Whether “[they] can’t figure out how to access a feature” or need somebody “by [their] side for the first couple flights”, these customers have drone support on a premium platter. In the age of the internet-based programs winning the battles, EXO Drones has capitalized by setting up a support system where you can ask things on their website, and get connected to one of their pilots immediately. They can connect to you through any device, and offer their support to anywhere in the world, real-time.

We reached out to their brand for comments about their newfound successes, and COO John Raul says things are still looking up. “While we remain in the red, mostly due to our support pilot and R&D costs, we have received tremendous feedback about our product and service, and a good product always wins”. I have recently purchased an EXO drone, as I was interested in learning to fly a drone, and am pleased so far with the experience. It was just as easy as promised, and has made for good times flying around with the kids.

If you’re in the market to get a drone, you should give these EXO Drones a try. The company may be young, but these guys are the real deal.

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