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Best of Both Worlds: Music and Business

Lucas “LB” Berry holds many job titles; he is a music manager, entrepreneur, upcoming mogul, and LB enterprise owner. Business is not unfamiliar grounds for him because he is a graduate with a business management degree from Georgetown McDonough School of Business and has the required knowledge and skillset for businesses and how to manage them. He started at the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). Through hard work and determination, he worked his way up to the executive and finally decided to start LB enterprises. Having worked at such a big company like IBM and risen to high ranks, the experiences and insight on technological trends and software are priceless.

As the founder and owner of LB enterprises, he has landed terrific deals. He has a passion for art, especially music, and currently, he has a contract with Warner Records. He is the music manager of artist Shordie Shordie who is a Platinum Baltimore recording artist. He also has a new project with Murda Beatz. LB is a go-getter and strives to work diligently at any work he gets to lay his hands on, hence all these multiple projects. He is also good at juggling different responsibilities that he can manage, having various roles to play. If this is not the type of manager and entrepreneur any artist would want, I don’t know who is.

His love for entrepreneurship has not been in vain; he owns a private chauffeur business called 1Chauffeur. An incredible idea if you ask me, given the line of work that he is in, meeting different artists from time to time. It is no wonder that a lot of his customers are celebrities. Having such brands look for your services is such an achievement and shows the pristine quality of your services. With a clientele like celebrities, LB’s connections and networks are no joke, especially for any artist looking to make it in the industry someday.

Lucas is a visionary entrepreneur, and for the love of both music and business, he has bought a warehouse to launch his record label. This record label would have multiple offices and studios to ensure that whatever is standing in your way as an artist from making music is not lacking a studio to make your music. Music is creativity, and since routines do not bring out creativity to its fullest, there is an indoor basketball court and a game streaming room, a way to break free from the stresses that come with the creative process. Artists and staff can take time off once in a while and relax; at times, some of the best ideas and songs are spontaneous. They come to be when you were not intentionally sitting down to come up with them.

The record label also has a video production room, two industry-level studios, a full podcast facility for podcasters looking for a platform, a reception area, a lounge, and an office space. This can be your one-stop-shop for all things creative and business. LB hopes to open doors before March. They are looking to start signing new artists and releasing new marketing content. You can find him on Instagram @lb.ent to what is in store for you at LB enterprises and how they can make your dream come true. With an opportunity like LB, where business meets music, what stops you from becoming the artist, you have always wanted to be?

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