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Ssneaks: An all-in-one spot for luxury sneakers

Luxury sneakers have become an essential part of every wardrobe over time. These luxury sneakers are acceptable to wear all the way from gym to office. However, whenever it comes to buying the best luxury sneakers, one of the main priorities is the authenticity.

Getting a luxury sneaker with an authenticity certificate is not a problem anymore. Because Ssneaks has adapted a unique way to certify luxury products and deliver the highest available quality products to its customers. So that every consumer can have a peace of mind while buying his favorite luxury sneakers here.

Do you want to know how SSneaks does this in a more effective way? Let’s have a look at the information below to know more about it.

What makes SSneaks a great prospect for the future?

Even though the project of SSneaks was established by a passionate group of sneakerheads, who were not fulfilled with the quality and authenticity of traditional luxury sneakers stores. However, over time this store becomes one and the only of its own kind sneaker store all around the world.

Every other luxury sneaker’s store that you can find in the market is self-referential.

It means that the store guarantees the authenticity of its product itself.

Authenticity approach of SSneaks:

However, in case of SSneaks, things are completely different that makes it an exclusive sneakers store all around the world. It is mainly because of the approach of SSneaks that it uses to certify the authenticity of the sneakers it sells.

● SSneaks is not authenticating luxury sneakers it offers from customers.

● Rather it uses a third-party company that is authorized and specialized to certify luxury products. ● Once the store receives a purchase proposal, it is being sent to the third-party company that tests the products.

Company will test these products through different procedures and then send an authenticity certificate to the store along with the products.

Then these luxury sneakers are being packaged in the premium packaging to send them to the customers with their certificates.

However, currently SSneaks is in contraposition with some stores such as Goat and Stockx. Because these stores are not offering any certainty about their products they cannot guarantee the authenticity of what they are selling.

Ssneaks accepts all luxury brands to sell:

More amazingly, customers can find a huge range of luxury products at SSneaks. Because it is accepting products from every luxury store and sending these to the clients with authenticity certificates to guarantee quality and originality as well.

Oh and they also have an app (iOS/Android)!

SSneaks Mission:

Mission of SSneaks is to offer the best available quality of luxury sneakers to its customers with a certificate to guarantee the authenticity of their products as well.

  • It is certainly going to be a one-stop shop for every luxury sneakers brand and consumers will be able to have a stress-free purchasing experience with ease.
  • Even at present, SSneaks is offering multiple luxury sneaker’s brands ranging from Yeezy to Nike and many more.

Do you want to find out the amazing collection of luxury sneakers at one place? Ssneaks can definitely be a go-to location for you in this regard.


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