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UnFiltered Dating in 2021

For the past 11 year’s I’ve been a single mompreneur and caring for my son who was diagnosed at six years old with a life-threatening disease called Chronic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction. Therefore, it seems like I never have enough hours in the day to get everything done, plus I made the conscious decisions to focus on my son and his health care needs. So dating hasn’t been on my radar for years, it’s been about five years since I’ve had a real date.

Right after my second divorce I tried dating online, all I can say it was disastrous. I remember one time I flew all the way to New Jersey to meet a man I’d been chatting with online and by phone for months only to find out the picture and profile was not the same man I met at the airport. Therefore, dating online or using a dating app has never intrigued me, until now.

Recently I was at a business meeting with one of my good friends Butch Chelliah. Butch mentioned to me that he was working on a new relationship App and that it is designed for busy professional women and moms who have no time to date. As he began to describe how this App will change the dating industry, I was so impressed I asked Butch for an interview so I could learn more about this new relationship App called UnFiltered

A little bit about Butch Chelliah, he is the CEO of, Inc., which is a consulting company that provides leadership and strategies to emerging markets. operates and owns a portfolio of brands, including BizConnect360, RevShareFilms, Dirt Merchants Films, DollarStore, and BetShare Casino Group operating in 5 continents.  

Michele:  Thank you so much Butch for taking the time to share your thoughts about adult dating. First, can you tell me what UnFiltered is all about?  

Butch: UnFiltered is a new dating App that is a disruptor that provides Real Solutions beyond the industry standard because we focus on the working professional that are real people seeking real relationships. The UnFiltered App is scheduled to be released in the US Market with key markets from Houston to Atlanta in January 2021. UnFiltered has several unique features, that don’t exist anywhere, that uses patented technology to authenticate, protect and promote the users to provide safe and meaningful connections.

Images Courtesy of UnFiltered

Michele:  How did you come up with the vision of creating a Dating App that will disrupt the Dating App industry? 

Butch: I got introduced to the utilization of dating apps when I was working on a project in the south last year. I spent a lot of time in Texas, Louisiana, and Kansas City and was starting to see a culture evolve that fascinated me to say the least. It was common for couples to marry young in the south, often right out of high school. They have some kids shortly after and realize a few years into the marriage that maybe it was not the relationship they were hoping or looking for. Divorce rates are high and it was not unusual to meet people in their 30’s or 40’s to have been married several times. I became very good friends with a lot of people in that age group including some in their 50’s and they were kind enough to share their most intimate experiences regarding their relationships and how it had evolved over the years. The challenge of starting over while managing kids and all that comes with that poses some real problems within itself. 

These were real people with real lives. Full time jobs, busy kid schedules like baseball and music lessons, helping with homework and dinner prep while trying to meet new people just was not feasible in the real world. This led to a higher dependency on Dating Apps as it was meant to provide a more efficient way to get introduced to a potential partner. Dating Apps was meant to collapse the time that was no longer a luxury unlike when they were younger.

Plus, dating in your 30’s, 40’s and 50’s is much different than in your young adult years. When you’re 20 years old, you’re young, you don’t have as much responsibility, you can go out, have fun and take time to get to know each other. Now, if we meet each other in our 40’s or 50’s we want to figure out in 2 days everything that makes you tick and everything that makes me tick. We are quick to dismiss rather than engage because we feel the pressure of time constantly. It is almost an unfair approach as we bring 40-50 years of life in the mix, scars, children, upbringing, success, disappointments, all the things we didn’t have at 20. 

Michele:  Yeah, I agree with you, years of baggage. Wow, Butch you just described my life in a nutshell.  However, I was actually a teenage mom, I’ve been married two times and divorced twice. Now, I am a single mom again for the third time, and it would be nice to date again. So, tell me what is your intention for launching this to working professionals.

Butch:  After consulting with many willing participants and interviewing hundreds of people, we learned what the community really wants and more importantly, what they don’t want. They appreciate the availability of the Dating App and have hopes that it will provide a meaningful relationship. However, after many hours of interviews, we learned that the experiences didn’t quite match up with their expectations going in. There were too many opportunities for failure stemming from misrepresentation, deception and perhaps even inexperience to even date again. You see Michele, most people our age might have been out of the dating scene for many years and some of the rules of the game may have changed in that time. The dynamics have shifted radically too. We now have kids, different life choices, ambitions, and even cultural differences worth mentioning. The adult dating culture in the South is very different from the Midwest, West Coast, or East Coast. This was important to understand so we could create a relationship app that was sensitive to that. While people in the Midwest or the South openly embrace dating apps, people on the East or West Coast are still more private about their use of these Apps. 

The real motivator behind our design was to eliminate as much of the misrepresentation as possible. A single mom, balancing a career, kids and life doesn’t have months to get vested into a relationship with someone they met on an App only to find out months later that the person they are engaging with is not remotely close to how he had represented himself. UnFiltered is centered around just that. Being UnFiltered. The profiles are screened, verified and authenticated. We even use patented technology to protect the data. We are the first in the industry to use technology like this. 

Images Courtesy of UnFiltered

I share this with you because Dating Apps are a 2 Billion Dollar a year industry, there are 50 million adults in the US on Dating Apps and that is 20% of all adults in the US. What is really interesting is that 47% of the people are in the South, that’s half of the US dating community living in the South. It’s a Big Business but with that, comes Big Responsibility. These are emotions that we are dealing with and that should never be trivialized for profit. 

Unfortunately, there was one big problem, the Dating Apps industry is broken. Dating Apps are not designed to work, they are designed to keep you on the hamster wheel and to keep you coming back, so that you keep subscribing and they keep monetizing their database. 

I knew I had the resources and the right talented team of people that could create a better solution. I knew that not only could I help this community find relationship success but that I must. I assembled a top tier team of professionals and went to work. I made a couple of phone calls to some of the best people that I’ve ever worked with for the last 15 years. They all said “Yes” to my idea. Our developers have over 20 years of experience and who have originated the algorithm code used by most Dating Apps today. So, we’re talking about some real deep rooted industry pros that know this space and they came on board to help me with this project. 

Michele:  Why is UnFiltered a disruptive technology? 

Butch:  First, UnFiltered is geared towards professional women and moms. We designed the app to allow for deep transparency so the working mom would have a better chance of meeting real potential partners without wasting time they didn’t have pursuing misrepresented relationships. There are six things that separates us from the entire marketplace: Patented Security Features, Transparent Image Identity, 18 Point Profile Verifications, In-App Communications, controlled “Match” Selections, In-App Date Venue Scheduler. Not only are these six things unique in the industry, none of our specialty features exist on any other dating apps available today. Not even one of our specialty features are available anywhere else. 

Michele: Can tell me more about that about the Transparent Image Identity feature and how the 18 Point Point verifications works.

Butch:  The number one complaint between women and men is no one looks like you’re supposed to when they meet them. You know when you’re dealing with a single mom, you know what it’s like, it’s like  jumping  through hoops to make the time to set up a movie date. She has to make sure she has babysitters, food made for the kids or whatever the case might be. And then she shows up and the guy doesn’t look like his picture, she is disappointed.

We are the first App in the entire space that does not have any uploading ability. All profile pictures or videos are taken from inside the App (real time photos). So, if you  want to put up a profile picture you use the camera from inside your App, and take a live picture and put it up, I can take 20 pictures and pick the three or four that I like, but it’s all done from inside the App.  I don’t get to go to my library and take the six best pictures of my cousin’s wedding three and a half years ago. There is no ability to use any camera filters such as Snapchat either. The idea here is not to deprive someone from looking their best, but rather to encourage everyone to look like they really do.The photos are also timestamped so when someone is looking at your profile they know when the picture was taken. 

Michele:  Oh! That’s why you call it UnFiltered! I Love it!

Butch:  Yeah, Along with our Transparent Image Identity, we have another feature which is an 18 Point verification that solves problems other Dating Apps have. In the dating world there are these words called John’s and catfishing, which mean there are these guys that could have multiple personalities. He actually lives in Texas but comes to California once a month, you start dating him and you find he has another family somewhere in Texas. 

Our patented technology has a 18 Point Cross Reference that verifies image, name, email, phone number, location verification so there are no fake or misleading identities and creates a safer environment.

Michele:  In closing, is there anything else you would like to share. 

Butch:  Yes, the most heartbreaking thing about adult dating is being ghosted after a mutual exchange. Ghosting goes something like this, let’s say we met, we  jumped in the car, and we drove to Vegas for the weekend.   We made a love connection and had the most amazing time. I drop you back off and then I block your number and you never hear from me again. How heartbreaking is that?

Michele:   Very, heartbreaking, I can relate to this too.

Butch:  It’s very heartbreaking because you’ are left thinking you had the most prefect time and you meet the most perfect man.  Since he blocked your number you can never ask what happened or what went wrong. Ghosting affects your self esteem, your psyche, and your emotions. You’re left with self doubt and your thoughts are spiraling out of control. It just doesn’t seem fair. So, we created a WhatsApp simulation in our Dating App called In-App Communications. It’s just like WhatsApp, in our UnFiltered Dating App, you can talk, you can text, you can also send your pictures and video chat. As I mentioned to you before everything is done inside the UnFiltered App however, what’s different from WhatsApp is you do not need to give your private phone number.  This feature makes it a safe environment because all the communication is done within the App real time communication technology that doesn’t require you to give out your personal information so even if you break up with someone, you don’t feel personally violated because you started all communication in the App and your relationship is ended in the App there is no crossover in your personal life. Our In-App Communications technology also reduces the risk people may experience from possible stalking situations.

UnFiltered is designed to empower and protect women. Our advisory board is all women and we have female Ambassadors spread throughout the country who are living in the communities helping us launch in January 2021.

After my conversations with Bucth, I found hope and inspiration to look at the UnFiltered App as a way to meet new men and enter the dating world again. Oh, and by the way the App is FREE to download.  

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April O’Neal
(949) 208-9889
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  1. Juanita McWilliams Juanita McWilliams January 20, 2021

    The dating app Unfiltered, written by
    Michele Wilson
    Is just right for moms with children that’s been out of the dating game for some time. Seem to be just what a mom needs to have a decent relationship
    And no weird disappointing meet ups. This app brings dating out of Early 1900s into 2021
    I would be willing to give this new dating app Unfiltered a try. Great reading
    Thank you Ms Wilson

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