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Captain’s Log reaches 200K subscribers, plans to leave YouTube

By Michele Peterson

Captain’s Log, a brain child of Jonathan Gower and Omar Parker was born out of quarantine boredom according to the pair. The group of channels specializes in Star Trek related content, celebrating the fandom and exploring the lore, while also being funnier than most would expect. “Omar huffs gasoline and watches the first episode of Enterprise,” is especially funny.

For some it was another group of lore channels, similar to Star Wars Theory and TerraMantis, but for many it was something more. There is a comradery that can be found in the comment sections of these videos. A regrouping of many old and new “trekkies” stuck inside looking for something to do.

But sad news strikes just in time for 2021. In their most recent video the team announced that they will be leaving YouTube due to the numerous copyright issues they have had. They will be moving to, making it the new permanent home for the community. While many are sad about the news, the team insisted it will make many new videos and types of content possible.

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