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Every now and then you come across something or someone that you know is either going to be a viral sensation or an epic fail. We found the former when we first streamed music by Los Angeles based Belizean Rapper, Lovoy.

Lovoy, has been honing his skills as a rapper for the past several years and bringing Caribbean and Central American vibes to the big city with his fun fruit-inspired tunes. There’s no better day to check him out then today, National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day!

Originally a choirboy, Lovoy blended his rapping skills with his choir experience, to first express his passions for fruits like Mangoes, Bananas and Papayas. Lovoy’s evolution into music allowed him to extend his range of talents to include photography and video production. As the founder of Royal Bukut, an online social media based record label, Lovoy has the vision of creating kid-friendly productions to share the powerful benefits of fruits in a fun and entertaining way.We sat down with Lovoy to discuss his music and colorful music videos!

We sat down with Lovoy to discuss his music and colorful music videos!

PPLA: What made you want to become a rapper?

Lovoy:​It started as passion to share the value benefits of fruits as snacks in a fun way so I came up with the song Banana Papaya that went viral.

PPLA: How long have you been rapping and do you produce your own work?

Lovoy:​I’ve been rapping 2 years now. Yes, all my work is originally produced by me through my online record label.

PPLA: Have your songs been featured anywhere yet?

Lovoy: ​Banana Papaya has not yet been featured but has an online following!

PPLA: What makes you sing about fruit and how did this fruity obsession start?

Lovoy:​Fruits are vibrant, colorful, and most the time deliciously sweet. The fruit obsession started as a child, I ate fruits as often as I can and still do.

I also planted fruit trees as an after school hobby while in Belize. Other hobbies included learning new sports and playing soccer on ice!

PPLA: I know it must be tough…but what is your favorite fruit?

Lovoy: ​My favorite fruit is the Mango

PPLA: Who is the mystery girl in all of your videos? And who is Gina in the “Hot Like Gina Song” (your one song not about fruit!)

Lovoy:​The girl in my videos is Brazilian model, Marjorie Prolla. The song “Gina” is made in reference to local celebrity name Gina from Corozal Belize.

PPLA: What message do you hope to spread with your work?

Lovoy: ​The message I hope to spread is that eating fruits are not only a good thing, but also a cool thing.

In essence, health is wealth and love is the key.

PPLA: We have to know…what fruit will be featured next?

Lovoy:​My next featured fruit is lemon lime and I’m breaking that song “Lemons” exclusively here first!

PPLA: Have you thought about having your fans vote for the next fruit rap?

Lovoy:​Yes I’m working on songs for some exotic tropical fruits requested by fans.

PPLA: Best Los Angeles market to buy fruit?

Lovoy:​The best place to buy fruit is the weekly farmers market or Sprouts super market.

PPLA: Last question…what’s the fruit of 2020?

L​ovoy:​The fruit of the year for 2020 is the Grapefruit.

You heard it here first! Check out Lovoy’s new song “Lemons” showcasing lemon lime above. For more fruity fun, visit ​​or follow Lovoy on Instagram ​@PriceOfBelize​@lvxxviii

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