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Get to Know Founder and Host of the Cuzo 2 Cuzo Show Host Lavon I. Roberts A.K.A. Cuzo Von

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We sat down with founder and host of Cuzo 2 Cuzo Show. Born and raised in the third big city Chicago, IL. We asked him a few question during the sit down. Below is the Q & A interview.

Basic Information about
Podcast Founder and Host of Cuzo 2 Cuzo Show. We dive into his lifestyle and entrepreneurship. 

·         What is your government name?

Lavon I. Roberts Jr.

·         What is your entertainment name?


·         Where were you born?

Chicago, IL

·         How old are you?

I’m 34.

·         When is your birthday?

February 12, 1986

·         Why do you live in Chicago, IL?

Born and raised in this beautiful city, this is home. Its hard to leave…you know.

Basic Information about What Motivates You
·         Why did you start a podcast?

I started a podcast to use the platform to uplift the communities of Chicago. Also give the young generation a different outlook to life beside the day to day living in Chicago that is  other avenues to success.

·         Why do you continue to do podcasting?

I got a message to deliver to the people that need to be heard. Podcasting also give me a chance to give back to my community as well. 

·         Have you had another career that was not in the podcast industry?

I wrote a four-book series.  The books are children books. They are published on amazon kindle. The book series teach toddlers to age 6 years basic counting, shapes, colors and A, B, C. I worked in a manufacturing company.

Basic Information about Influences
·         Who is your podcast idol?

The person that I do look up to in the industry is Joe Budden because his setup is simple, laidback, with his friends. The show feels more realistic than other podcast show. Plus, he has no filter, it is his show right. Like or dislike, he still going to talk his stuff for the lack of words. On top of that he has his own network.

·         How do you get a guest for the show?

I get my guest by reaching out to them, but sometimes my guest reaches out to me to use the platform.

·         Who do you believe would listen to your podcast?

I think my podcast show is age appropriate for everyone that is looking for inspiration speaking and knowledge.

·         Why should people care about you and your podcast?

Individuals should care about my podcast. For a few reasons. One, it is a pod for the people of my community or communities that is like mine. Another would be, I was one of them. I been through what they are going through. So, if they listen in, that show me that they care about me.

Basic Information about What You Have Done
·         What was the highest level of formal education you received?

Associate Degree in Criminal Justice

·         How many episodes have you release?

I have 2 episodes and more to come for the remaining of the year.

Awards and Accomplishments
·         What newspapers, magazines, tv shows, trade papers, or blogs have you been featured in?

I have been featured in Medium, by Chicago 411 News.

·         What do you do in your free time?

I play Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 on Xbox, but I haven’t played in two months, watch sports, and spend time with my family.

·         What kind of music do you listen to?

I listen to Rap/Hip Hop music mainly.

·         Who is your top 6 rappers that from Chicago or out right now?

I have more than 6. But…If I had to choose right 1. Kanye West, 2. Lil Durk, 3. Future, 4. Meek Mill, 5. Rod Wave 6. Kevin Gates 7. Da Baby 8. Lil Baby I know you asked for 6 but I went off the top 8 artists I listen to in my playlist. 

Current Events
·         What is the release day of show?

Weekly, Every Tuesday.

·         When do you promote yourself?

Every single day, I know my wife is my biggest fan. Shout out to Latonya Roberts.

·         What are you currently working on?

Starting my own network, and production company by the end of 2021.

Podcast Show Instagram: Cuzo2CuzoShow
Podcast Show Twitter: Cuzo2CuzoShow
Official Instagram: CuzoVon
Official Twitter: CuzoVon

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