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MedicAI: The Revolutionary AI-Powered Medical Assistant That Pays You to Be Healthy

Medical costs in the United States, and Los Angeles in particular, are at an all-time high. In fact, as stated in an annual survey of employers, the cost of family health coverage now exceeds $20,000, a fact that has driven many families and individuals to opt-out of the insurance market, entirely.

Although an alarming trend, it raises an important question: can’t technology and the constantly evolving field of Artificial Intelligence bring fruit to a solution, once and for all?

That is what MedicAI, a revolutionary Silicon Valley-type Startup from Greece attempts to do, bridge the gap between commercial medicine and AI.

Created by U.S. expats Filippos Dounis and Eve Stergiopoulou, MedicAI provides a revolutionary solution to a problem that hits too close to home.

According to Filippos, “the idea behind MedicAI is quite simple. We have developed advanced AI models that we have then integrated into an all-in-one mobile application for anyone to use.”

After picking from a range of available tests, including breast cancer and heart diseases, users are asked to provide the necessary information (e.g. MRI scan), which MedicAI then uses to provide a complete diagnostic report.

But how does it compare to conventional doctors?

According to Eve, one of the two founders, “it might strike as odd, but in reality, MedicAI can be more accurate than most doctors out there. The advanced AI technology allows us to provide unprecedented detection accuracies, with the breast cancer model having an accuracy of 98.24%, in contrast to a conventional radiologist’s that is significantly lower than the 50% threshold.”

It certainly sounds like an attempt to replace doctors but as both co-founders claim, that is far from the truth.

“We understand how this misconception may arise, but truth is, we have no such intention. Medical professionals and their expertise are crucial. This is why we have integrated them into our platform. Once MedicAI provides a diagnosis, the user can send the report to a MedicAI-affiliated medical expert directly from the results page and receive a professional medical opinion, without having to physically visit the doctor. It must be noted, that through MedicAI, an average of $353 is saved every time you use our FREE services.”

But that is not all, as MedicAI is truly revolutionary, it also contains an in-app cryptocurrency, the HealthCoin(HC).

Contrary to most cryptocurrencies out there, HealthCoins cannot be traded at exchanges but are given to users every time they complete an examination. The amount they receive per examination varies, but once your wallet has a sizeable amount, they can be used to purchase products from the in-app store, essentially paying you to be healthy.

Although the app is not to be released until late 2021, it provides a glimpse of the exciting future that lies ahead and the never-seen-before capabilities that arise when revolutionary technologies are combined.

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